Redding: Papoose Lake

Earmark a long weekend for this 31-miler linking tree-shaded lowlands, old mining homesteads, waterfalls, and a beautiful alpine lake.
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Editors note: Google terrain view misidentifies Papoose Lake. The correct name is Grizzly Lake. Google topo view confirms this mistake.Mapped by Leon Nelson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 25.1



Location: 40.927547454834, -123.154479980469

From Hobo Gulch Trailhead (3,000 ft.), head N on North Fork Trail (FR12W01) through shady stands of Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, and madrone


Location: 40.935977935791, -123.155113220215

River takes a bend @ Keystone Flat where Backbone Creek joins the Trinity. Sugar pine and dogwood line the banks


Location: 40.9464302062988, -123.155380249023

Continue upriver


Location: 40.9576377868652, -123.153358459473

China Creek spills into the Trinity on R


Location: 40.9791793823242, -123.157928466797

Strunk Cabin site, no longer standing


Location: 40.9837532043457, -123.159461975098

R @ Y onto Rattlesnake Creek Trail


Location: 40.9977912902832, -123.142517089844

Slim notch of Martin Gulch rises to the SE. Cross river ahead


Location: 41.0118751525879, -123.115287780762

R @ Y (still Rattlesnake Creek Trail). Check out gears and machinery among relics at Browns Mine?keep eyes open for ?square? nails and old bottles. Next water @ Mill Creek (.3 mi.)


Location: 40.9849128723144, -123.085998535156

Enni Camp (spelled ?Enos? on USGS map) on Rattlesnake Creek; good overnight spot. Or, continue SSW on very steep and indistinct Papoose Scramble by linking cairns to Papoose Lake


Location: 40.9747619628906, -123.067771911621

Set in a deep, jagged cirque, Papoose Lake?s (6,600 ft.) glassy blue waters offer top-notch swimming; best campsite @ outlet stream


Location: 40.972900390625, -123.054412841797

Dayhike: Climb to saddle N of Mt. Hilton. Allow full day to travel over large boulders. Snapshots: craggy crown of Wedding Cake peak and waterfalls spilling into Canyon Creek Lakes. Retrace route