Raymer Hollow, Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

The cave brings the crowds, which in turn leaves the hiking trails deserted; enjoy seclusion on the trail trekking through Mammoth Cave National Park.
Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

Sun light breaks through the canopy at Mammoth Cave National Park explore this wondrous forest in isolation from the crowds beneath the ground. Photo by Justin Rumao / Flickr

Put"cave" in your name, and most visitors head straight underground- leaving the trails lacing the bumby karst land-scape above blissfully quiet. Explore the park's old-growth cedar stands and riverside bluffs on the 16.5-mile, two- or-three day loop connecting the Raymer Hollow, Blair Spring Hollow, Wet Prong of the Buffalo, and Buffalo Creek Trails, camping at Raymer Hollow, Ferguson, or Collie Ridge. Info http://nps.gov/maca