Class: Rattlesnakes: Fact or Fiction? - Backpacker

Class: Rattlesnakes: Fact or Fiction?

Publish date:

Group: REI Paradise Valley

When: Wednesday,June 13, 6:30-8 pm

Where: REI Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ

Cost: Free (registration required)

Details: Rattlesnakes! Few animals spawn mythology and fish stories like they do. In working with thousands of rattlesnakes and people in the valley, we've heard it all. Learn to stay safe in the outdoors, what to do if you see a rattlesnake, and most importantly, what not to do. We'll go through the top 10 bits of popular misinformation, why people believe it, and get to the real story. Live rattlesnakes, gila monsters from all around Arizona will be on display (safely behind locked glass!). Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about our most misunderstood native wildlife. Bring your questions, and we'll see you there! Bryan Hughes is a herpetologist and photographer, and a regular speaker in Arizona. His work can be seen on, fieldherper.com, is a photography-focused journal of snakes. He is also the owner/operator of a Rattlesnake Solutions, a rattlesnake-focused conservation, research, and education business in Arizona.

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