Rapid City Blog: The Journey Museum & Learning Center


There’s no hiding it, we’re suckers for some local history. We’re not sure when or where this developed, but maybe it did because everywhere we go there’s a few experts who would like nothing better than to share everything they can about where they’re from. An afternoon in the Journey Museum & Learning Center of Rapid City yielded a surprisingly rich history of South Dakota’s Great Plains and surrounding Black Hills.


There’s a lot going on in the museum for inquisitive minds—fossil cultivation and repair, Native American history, and even recreations of, ahem, houses of ill repute of the Wild West. A particularly insightful exhibit, on display through June 25, is the work of contemporary artists from the area that have interpreted the Lakota tribe’s epic myth called The Great Race. The story of the 100-day marathon of endurance between humans and animals is described through painting, installation art, music and poetry. Imparted with new stories, we reflected on them as we wandered through the Black Hills.