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Proving Grounds: 10 Astonishingly Hard Hikes in North America

These 10 hard hikes will challenge even the toughest backpackers.
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Hard is in. But to hell with obstacle races and manufactured difficulty (50 miles in a day! barefoot! backwards!). These top 10 hard hikes offer true challenges of all types — grueling, really scary, and tricky to plan—and payoffs you can only get one way. Go forth and conquer... if you dare.

1 - Wrangell Plateau, Alaska

2 - White Pinnacle, Nevada

3 - Diabolo Portage, Ontario

4 - West Coast Trail, BC

5 - Coastal Prairie Trail, Florida

6 - Baldpate Mountain, Maine

7 - Agassiz Peak, Arizona

8 - Cabeza Prieta, Arizona

9 - Iron Mountain, California

10 - Blacktail Butte, Idaho

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