Portland, OR: Wyeth Trail to North Lake

Wyeth trail to North Lake. This is a fairly steep trail that makes for a good workout. North lake is a nice destination.

The lake makes a great goal and stopping place before returning via the same trail. There are a few limited views of the Columbia Gorge but this hike is mainly under forest cover.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 43.6



Location: 45.689555, -121.7710401

04-JUL-09 5:58:46PM

Boulder Field

Location: 45.6718958, -121.7568318

04-JUL-09 12:17:51PM
Trail passes by large boulder field here.

Creek Crossing

Location: 45.6852567, -121.7654657

04-JUL-09 10:21:47AM
Trail crosses Harphan creek here. Shallow and easy to get across in summer.

Ck Crss

Location: 45.6722318, -121.7566689

04-JUL-09 12:16:48PM

Crossing Lindsey creek.

Location: 45.6436167, -121.7565529

04-JUL-09 1:57:34PM
Trail crosses Lindsey creek in several small channels.


Location: 45.6729855, -121.7570825

04-JUL-09 11:52:18AM

Bear grass flowers.

Location: 45.6543736, -121.7539818

Bear grass plants in bloom.


Location: 45.642898, -121.7570583

04-JUL-09 2:03:25PM


Location: 45.6863547, -121.7691956

04-JUL-09 5:54:18PM
Trail crosses under power lines here.

Rock Field

Location: 45.6812015, -121.7602348

04-JUL-09 11:01:41AM
Trail passes through rock field here, but trail is in good condition.


Location: 45.6650797, -121.7543122

04-JUL-09 1:00:11PM
Some sort of sign board at this location, does not seem to be in use.

Mt St. Helens viewpoint

Location: 45.6665536, -121.7575885

04-JUL-09 4:19:22PM
Trail opens up at this location for a nice view of Mt. St. Helens to the North West.

Wilderness boundary

Location: 45.6650702, -121.7565483

04-JUL-09 12:49:19PM
Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness boundary sign. Both sides of sign are currently broken off.

Wyeth Sign

Location: 45.659676, -121.7524997

04-JUL-09 1:18:44PM

Wyeth Th

Location: 45.6879122, -121.771639

04-JUL-09 9:45:59AM
Wyeth trail parking lot and trail head.

Wilderness boundary

Location: 45.6652261, -121.7564964

Wilderness boundary sign.

Wyeth trail sign.

Location: 45.6602173, -121.7522049

Wyeth trail sign.

Boulder field.

Location: 45.6718238, -121.7567539

Trail skirts boulder field at this point.

Mt. Defiance view

Location: 45.6541282, -121.7539215

View of Mt. Defiance to the East.

Bear grass flower

Location: 45.6543681, -121.7537498

Bear grass plants flowering.

Mt St. Helens view

Location: 45.6666057, -121.7575264

Mt. St. Helens viewpoint at this location.

Harphan creek crossing

Location: 45.6853467, -121.7653799

Trail crosses Harphan creek here.

Power lines.

Location: 45.6864559, -121.7690706

Trail passes under power lines.

Wyeth trail head

Location: 45.6880149, -121.7715168

Wyeth parking lot and trail head.


Location: 45.6503184, -121.756196

Trail through forest cover.


Location: 45.6429981, -121.7568827

Dam at North side of lake.