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Portland, OR: Tomlike Mountain

Hike to Tomlike Mountain. This is a nice hike with great views of Mt. Hood.

This hike begins behind the restroom at the Whatum lake trailhead and skirts the east side of Whatum lake. It continues North on a ridge that does not have a clear defined trail, there is a fair amount of rock hopping depending on the exact route taken. There are great views to be had here of Mt. Hood, the Gorge and neighboring Chinidere Mountain. However the summit leaves much to be desired as there is no good resting spot.


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.0


Parking Lot.

Location: 45.577112, -121.792948

Parking lot for Tomlike Mountain.

Tomlike Mountain Trailhead.

Location: 45.577928, -121.791775

Trailhead sign to Tomlike Mountain.

View of Whatum Lake.

Location: 45.588315, -121.789172

Nice boulder field clearing that allows view of Whatum lake.

Old dirt road.

Location: 45.593276, -121.79075

Trail crosses old dirt road that looks unused for some time.

Anthill Trail Junction

Location: 45.596379, -121.795998

Junction ?????????????

Tomlike/Herman Creek trail junction

Location: 45.596892, -121.795946

Trail takes left off of the Herman Creek Trail. Not signed and not easy to find.

Rock Outcropping

Location: 45.59954, -121.796832

Interesting rock outcropping here.


Location: 45.604638, -121.799984

19-JUL-09 5:12:34PM

Tomlike Mountain Summit.

Location: 45.608818, -121.801008

Summit of Tomlike Mountain.

Parking Lot.

Location: 45.5772223, -121.7928028

Whatum Lake View

Location: 45.5884255, -121.7890692


Location: 45.5844912, -121.7857647

Anthill Trail Junction

Location: 45.5965037, -121.7956352

Junction between Anthill and Herman Crek Trails.

Dirt road

Location: 45.5934107, -121.7907

Trail sign at the dirt road crossing.

Herman Creek/Tomlike

Location: 45.5972544, -121.7958498

Herman creek/tomlike mountain trail junction.

Large boulder passing

Location: 45.5987558, -121.7966652

Large boulders here, some rock hopping.

Tomlike Mountain Summit

Location: 45.608934, -121.8009138


False summit view.

Location: 45.6046107, -121.7999268

View of a fals summit leading to Tomlike.

Crooked trees.

Location: 45.595783, -121.7957211

Interesting bent trees through here.

View of the summit.

Location: 45.6065923, -121.8003559

View to Tomlike summit.