Portland, OR: Ramona Falls

Roughly an hour from Portland, this must-do dayhike in Mount Hood National Forest skirts the Sandy River and offers spectacular views of Ramona Falls.

Featuring a 120-foot, cascading waterfall, moss-draped landscapes, and minimal elevation gain, this 7.1-miler in Mount Hood National Forest is popular for good reason. From the parking lot, the trail climbs gradually to the northeast, paralleling the Sandy River. After 1.1 miles, leave the woods and traverse a rock-strewn riverbank toward the Sandy River; cross the river on a small, wooden footbridge. Less than half a mile later, bear right onto Sandy River Trail at the Y-junction to start a counterclockwise loop.
Dramatic views of Ramona Falls come into view at mile 3.3 miles, grab your camera and snap photos of this 120-foot, fan-shaped waterfall that cascades down a mossy cliff wall. Past the waterfall, cross a bridge, then bear left onto Skyline Trail at the fork. The next 1.8 miles travel northwest through mossy forest; look to the right for intermittent views of a sheer rock wall that flanks the trail. At mile 5.2, pass through a wooden gate and turn left onto Portage Trail for the half-mile stretch back to the first junction; turn right and retrace your route to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Galen Williams

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 11.4



Location: 45.386977, -121.831867

From the trailhead and parking lot, the trail travels south, then east.


Location: 45.388644, -121.824673

Pass an informational sign on the right side of the trail that explains how to cross mountain rivers and streams.


Location: 45.390991, -121.813295

Cross a small footbridge over the Sandy River. (Note: Much of this area has been affected by floods.)


Location: 45.391281, -121.808442

The trail reaches the wilderness boundary and a permit station. Stop and fill out a permit before continuing.


Location: 45.391112, -121.808209

Bear right onto Sandy River Trail at the Y-junction to start a counterclockwise loop.


Location: 45.379915, -121.784327

Take the left fork at this Y-junction.


Location: 45.379704, -121.776913

Take in dramatic views of Ramona Falls, a 120-foot, fan-shaped waterfall that cascades down a mossy cliff wall. Note: Stay off the falls and the surrounding hillside.


Location: 45.380126, -121.776817

After crossing the bridge by Ramona Falls, the trail splits. Bear left onto Skyline Trail.


Location: 45.380638, -121.777214

Cross a small bridge.


Location: 45.380676, -121.778265

Cross a bridge over a small creek.


Location: 45.383268, -121.783093

Look through the trees for views of the sheer rock wall on the right-hand side of the trail.


Location: 45.385913, -121.78894

Look to the right for impressive views of the sheer rock wall that borders the trail.


Location: 45.387164, -121.791569

Cross a bridge over a small creek.


Location: 45.395493, -121.800603

Pass through a wooden gate.


Location: 45.395512, -121.800694

Turn left onto Portage Trail at the T-junction; head southwest.


Location: 45.39201, -121.805647

Cross a small creek on a narrow (and wobbly) log footbridge. Ahead, the trail reconnects with Waypoint 5; turn right at this junction and retrace your route to the trailhead.

Cascading Creek along Skyline Trail

Location: 45.384293, -121.785529

Trailhead Sign

Location: 45.386977, -121.831824

Wooded Trail

Location: 45.389078, -121.817307

Footbridge over Sandy River

Location: 45.391006, -121.813134

Views of Sandy River

Location: 45.3913, -121.813005

View looking west down the Sandy River.

Broken Wilderness Sign

Location: 45.391681, -121.812485

Wilderness Boundary

Location: 45.391281, -121.80837

Trail sign at the wilderness boundary.

Ramona Falls

Location: 45.379711, -121.776752


Location: 45.380646, -121.777144

Small Bridge

Location: 45.380691, -121.778179

Rock Wall

Location: 45.383291, -121.782943

A sheer rock face can be seen through the trees.

Horse Gate

Location: 45.395497, -121.800452

A wooden gate keeps horses off this portion of the trail.

Narrow Log Bridge

Location: 45.392016, -121.805516