Portland, OR: Nesmith Point

This challenging trail climbs through old-growth forest, past views of the Columbia River, Mount Adams, and Beacon Rock, to an overlook high above the Columbia River Gorge.
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Gaining more than 3,700 feet in 4.3 miles, this stiff climb travels to a small overlook above the Columbia River Gorge. Start at John B. Yeon State Park, and follow the lush path south for 150 feet to the first trail junction. Continue straight at this 3-way junction on Nesmith Point Trail. After 1.5 miles, tackle a set of 11 switchbacks that climb toward the ridgetop. Don't forget to turn around for bird's-eye views of the Columbia River Gorge to the north.
At mile 2, the trail emerges from the tree-cover, revealing more views of the Columbia River below. Traverse a small rock garden, then ascend two more switchbacks before heading back into the forest. Two miles later, turn right onto an old dirt forest road for the remaining 0.2 mile to Nesmith Point. Look for Nesmith Point on the left (if you're not looking for it, you might miss it). Take in the views of the Gorge from this very small overlook, then follow the same route back to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Trung Q. Le

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 13.8



Location: 43.5520210266113, -122.412994384766

Start of the Trail. Depending on the snow conditions, the trail can will start where the snow pack begins. Averrages between 3-9 miles


Location: 43.5534515380859, -122.411499023438

Continue straight. Right will continue on to Warner Mountain Summit.


Location: 43.5581245422363, -122.409805297852

Go stright nqot right


Location: 43.5583000183106, -122.408279418945

Estepo creek


Location: 43.5643196105957, -122.409645080566

2129 to the left cont straight


Location: 43.5658226013184, -122.405815124512



Location: 43.5611801147461, -122.393287658691

5209 tl left cont straight


Location: 43.5570526123047, -122.395233154297

Moon point tail 3688. To right cont straight


Location: 43.5589599609375, -122.388366699219

Viewpoint of bachelor? Broken top? Raineir


Location: 43.5493049621582, -122.383285522461

Com tower to left. Mt sraight ahead


Location: 43.5426635742188, -122.372467041016

Left ono 342 towardookout tower


Location: 43.5434684753418, -122.366477966309

Warner Mt. Lookout Tower