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Portland, OR: Munra Point

One of the Gorge's steepest and most enjoyable trails, the path to Munra Point features several challenging scrambles and five-star views across the Columbia River.

Save this challenging hike for a dry day—and prepare to climb nearly 2,000 feet of elevation in 2.5 miles. From the trailhead, head southwest through open woods and immediately cross Tanner Creek on a wide, paved bridge. After 1,000 feet, turn left onto the Gorge Trail for a brief climb up the Tanner Creek drainage and an easy-going traverse of Munra Point’s lush northern slopes. At mile 1.6, turn left at the signed junction for the final, 0.9-mile push to Munra Point. Pace yourself—this unmaintained path gains more than 1,600 feet of elevation and requires some tricky scrambling. After 2.4 miles, crest Munra Point’s moss-covered summit and savor spectacular views across the Gorge. Follow the same route back to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Galen Williams


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 3.9
  • Miles from city center: 39



Location: 45.630489, -121.9536871

From the Wahclella Falls parking area, head south for 100 feet, then turn right and head north for 400 feet to reach the trailhead.


Location: 45.6313556, -121.9539553

At the trailhead, head southwest on the paved trail (marked with a “Moffett Creek to Tanner Creek Section” sign).


Location: 45.631273, -121.9542503

Walk across the wide, paved bridge over Tanner Creek, a cascading creek bordered by lush, open woods. Continue following the paved road.


Location: 45.6307929, -121.955519

Turn left off of the paved road onto Gorge Trail (No. 400). Ahead, the trail starts to climb up the Tanner Creek drainage.


Location: 45.6294049, -121.9549638

The trail switchbacks to the right and heads north.


Location: 45.630988, -121.9576728

The trail leaves the Tanner Creek drainage and traverses the lush northern slopes of Munra Point, heading southwest.


Location: 45.623395, -121.975692

Turn left (south) onto the trail to Munra Point @ 3-way junction. This junction is marked with a “Trail Not Maintained” sign (the word Munra is etched into the sign). The stiff ascent to Munra Point starts here: You’ll gain more than 1,600 feet of elevation in the next 0.9 mile.


Location: 45.6230011, -121.9717437

Keep your camera handy: Along this scenic stretch of trail, you’ll be treated to bird’s-eye views of the Columbia River Gorge.


Location: 45.6228322, -121.9706869

Tackle one of several steep scrambles that require the use of both hands. You’ll have to climb an 8- to 10-foot-high rock outcropping to continue on the trail.


Location: 45.6227272, -121.9636917

At this point, the trail looks impassable due to a large, moss-covered rock face. Bypass this rock wall by hiking through some bushes on the left (north) side of the face.


Location: 45.6225809, -121.9619536

Use caution while maneuvering up the 50-foot slot that rises 150 feet west of Munra Point. Note: This scramble is not recommended in wet weather.


Location: 45.6226446, -121.9614601

Munra Point (1,814 ft.): On clear days, this rock pinnacle offers spectacular views across the Gorge. Follow the same route back to the trailhead.

Gorge View

Location: 45.6229973, -121.9716847

©Galen Williams

Wahclella Parking

Location: 45.6304853, -121.9536388

Sign for the Wahclella Falls parking area. ©Galen Williams

Trailhead Sign

Location: 45.6313556, -121.9539338

Pass the trailhead sign just before crossing Tanner Creek. ©Galen Williams


Location: 45.6312768, -121.9542235

Bridge over Tanner Creek. ©Galen Williams

Tanner Creek

Location: 45.6312393, -121.9543791

Views of Tanner Creek near the bridge. ©Galen Williams

Views from Gorge Trail

Location: 45.6304253, -121.9609612

©Galen Williams

Munra Point Trail

Location: 45.623395, -121.97559

©Galen Williams


Location: 45.6228923, -121.973691

View of the lush underbrush in this area of the forest. ©Galen Williams

View South

Location: 45.6227047, -121.9715399

View looking south into the Cascades. ©Galen Williams

Short Climb

Location: 45.6228397, -121.9706225

Hikers must climb a rock outcropping to continue on the trail. ©Galen Williams

Gorge Views

Location: 45.6230348, -121.970129

Another vantage point looking west into the Gorge. ©Galen Williams


Location: 45.6225771, -121.9619

©Galen Williams

Munra Point

Location: 45.6226409, -121.9614065

The top of Munra Point. ©Galen Williams