Portland, OR: Mount Tabor

Get a quick hiking fix without leaving town by exploring the network of trails that crisscross this extinct volcano in southeast Portland.

You don’t have to travel far (or even out of the city) to get your fill of shady woodlands, vibrant wildflowers, and postcard-worthy views of Mount Hood. This scenic 2.6-mile route crisscrosses—and crests—Mount Tabor, an extinct volcanic cinder cone in southeast Portland. Start at the south side trailhead in Mount Tabor Park (junction of Harrison and Lincoln Streets), and hike northeast up the Stairway to Heaven. Take the next two right forks and contour around Tabor’s eastern slopes, which are covered with buttercup and rhododendron.
After half a mile, cross the road, descend a flight of steps, then take a quick left to reconnect with the trail. From here, the route travels northwest, then rounds to the south, passing a playground, soap box derby track, and the banks of the middle reservoir. A mile later, the trail reaches Summit Park, where shady benches offer prime views of Mount Hood to the east and downtown Portland to the west. The return route travels across the western slopes of Mount Tabor (look for periwinkle wildflowers and blackberry bushes) back to the trailhead.
Info: Mount Tabor Park
-Mapped by Eli Boschetto, Bosco Mountain Photo

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.2



Location: 45.508084, -122.593485

Trailhead: Hike northeast up the Stairway to Heaven.


Location: 45.509452, -122.592224

Bear right at trail fork.


Location: 45.511894, -122.59162

Bear right. Enjoy rhododendron and buttercup.


Location: 45.514374, -122.592724

Cross the road, descend a set of stairs, and reconnect with the trail on the left.


Location: 45.514879, -122.594608

Kid's playground.


Location: 45.514561, -122.595089

Cross road and take middle fork.


Location: 45.513967, -122.594848

Bear right.


Location: 45.51364, -122.595164

Bear right.


Location: 45.513779, -122.595593

Bear left.


Location: 45.512599, -122.597138

Bear left (east) at junction. The trail cuts across a shady, hillside meadow.


Location: 45.510321, -122.595784

Views extend to the north across the reservoir. Next, turn left (east).


Location: 45.510452, -122.594381

Cross the road and continue up to the Stairway to Heaven junction.


Location: 45.509456, -122.592265

Take the left fork and head north to the summit.


Location: 45.511625, -122.592916

Cross the road to the Summit Park.


Location: 45.511541, -122.592432

Statue of Harvey W. Scott, editor of The Oregonian newspaper from 1865-1872 and from 1877-1910.


Location: 45.51236, -122.593338

Benches with nice views over downtown Portland.


Location: 45.512926, -122.593099

Mt. Tabor: Find shady benches and views of Mt. Hood.


Location: 45.51302, -122.593643

Stone restroom chalet (often closed).


Location: 45.513148, -122.593759

Fork right (north), descending back to road.


Location: 45.514437, -122.594555

Cross the street, then take the short, steep descent to the left (southwest).


Location: 45.514176, -122.59558

Cross another street and descend into The Canyon.


Location: 45.513986, -122.596374

Fork left.


Location: 45.513766, -122.598718

Another street crossing.


Location: 45.513587, -122.599061

Fork left at tennis courts.


Location: 45.511264, -122.598329

Go straight through this 4-way junction.


Location: 45.510344, -122.597753

Fork right (southeast).


Location: 45.509172, -122.596854

Trail meets the road. Ahead, reconnect with the trail 50 yards on the right.


Location: 45.508181, -122.595524

Snack on summer blackberries!


Location: 45.508076, -122.593574

The trail ends back at the trailhead.

Views of Mt. Hood

Location: 45.513106, -122.592799

Find windows in the trees for views of Mts. Hood and St. Helens. © Eli Boschetto

Stairway to Heaven

Location: 45.508948, -122.592401

Climbing the steep trail on SE side of Mt. Tabor. © Eli Boschetto

Columbia Windflower

Location: 45.511016, -122.591211

Look for on Mt. Tabor's eastern hillsides. © Eli Boschetto


Location: 45.513678, -122.592037

Large patches on northeastern slopes. © Eli Boschetto

West Side Meadow

Location: 45.512189, -122.595872

Lots of grassy slopes and shade trees above middle reservoir. © Eli Boschetto

Daisy Meadow

Location: 45.510926, -122.595169

Find large grassy slopes covered with English Daisy. © Eli Boschetto

Middle Reservoir

Location: 45.510336, -122.59573

View over Portland's Reservoir Number 5. © Eli Boschetto

Summit Park

Location: 45.51176, -122.592455

Lots of shady benches and grassy for snacking and relaxing. © Eli Boschetto

Perfect Spot

Location: 45.513189, -122.593217

Pick your own for chatting, reflecting, or whatever suits you at the moment. © Eli Boschetto

The Canyon

Location: 45.514076, -122.597959

Descending through the heavily wooded western canyon. © Eli Boschetto

West Side

Location: 45.510903, -122.598002

Enjoy some sun in this break between wooded areas on open, grassy trail. © Eli Boschetto


Location: 45.508016, -122.595213

this pretty purple flower is sprinkled amid blackberry on the south side of the mountain. © Eli Boschetto