Oregon Trails

Portland, OR: Chinidere Mountain

Trail to Chinidere Mountain. This is a fairly easy trail that offers great views of Mt. Hood as well as several other Oregon and Washington mountains.

This trail up to the top of Chinidere Mountain is an fairly easy hike except for the last 0.1 mile or so. The trail starts at the Whatum Lake parking lot and skirts the East side of the lake. There were a decent amount of wildflowers on the trail as of late July but the best part about this hike were the views. Mt. Hood was amazingly close and there is an unobstructed 360 degree view. Eastern Oregon can be seen from the top as well. Definitely well worth the drive to get to this trail.


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 3.9
  • Miles from city center: 88


Chinidere trailhead sign.

Location: 45.577112, -121.792948

Trailhead sign.

Wilderness Boundary

Location: 45.578142, -121.792475

Mark O. Hatfield wilderness boundary sign.

Dry creek bed

Location: 45.585959, -121.804926

Trail passes through dry creek bed.

PCT junction

Location: 45.585609, -121.807421

Pacific Crest trail junction.

Chinidere Cutoff

Location: 45.58413, -121.808887

Cutoff trail that is a short cut back to the Whatum lake parking lot.

Right at fork

Location: 45.583953, -121.809661

Trail splits here, take the right fork uphill.

Chinidere Mountain Summit

Location: 45.58625, -121.811788

Summit of Chinidere Mountain.

Trailhead sign.

Location: 45.5772223, -121.7928886

Trailhead sign with area map.

Parking lot

Location: 45.576982, -121.7928457

Whatum lake parking lot.

Wilderness Boundary

Location: 45.5782736, -121.7923307

Mark O. Hatfield wilderness boundary sign.

Whatum lake

Location: 45.5791447, -121.7919874

View of Whatum lake through the trees.

PCT junction

Location: 45.5856325, -121.8072653

Trail junction with the PCT.

Cutoff trail

Location: 45.5842509, -121.8087673

Chinidere cutoff trail, this is a shortcut back to the parking lot.

Rock outcropping

Location: 45.5856925, -121.8112135

View of some rock outcroppings near the summit.

Whatum lake view

Location: 45.5863232, -121.8116856

View of Whatum lake from the top of Chinidere Mountain.

Mt Hood view

Location: 45.5863833, -121.8116856

View of Mt. Hood from the summit of Chinidere Mountain.