Portland, ME: Casco Bay Paddle

Paddle to an old military fort and visit several quaint Down East islands on this 6.8-mile trip around the rocky fingers of Maine's coast.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 11.0



Location: 43.670467, -70.241569

Set out SE past Pomroy Rock into a bustling waterway (tankers, ferries, lobster buoys). Open water can get choppy


Location: 43.667088, -70.229416

Point bow SE to island fortress ahead; keep blinking daymark on Diamond Island Ledge to starboard


Location: 43.663899, -70.221985

Circumnavigate to inlet on NE side and explore 142-year-old Fort Gorges on foot (climb stairs for harbor views); head due E


Location: 43.663444, -70.213013

At SW tip of Little Diamond Island, bear SE toward Peaks Island-look for big dock and sign


Location: 43.656395, -70.19915

Sandy, mussel shell-covered beaches to L of Forest Island Landing. Stroll main village or snack @ local market


Location: 43.662785, -70.199081

Follow sandy coast NE


Location: 43.669483, -70.192398

Pass Trefethen Club, perched on pylons; bear NE along shore


Location: 43.67403, -70.186089

In WWII, strait between Pumpkin Nob and Peaks Island held submerged nets to protect harbor from U-boats; enjoy wide, ocean-and-isle views, then turn L (strong current)


Location: 43.670341, -70.199989

Great Landing: To L, spot wrecked schooner Maquoit juts up near NE point of Little Diamond Island; continue W through Diamond Island Pass (navigable sandbar @ low tide) and turn WSW toward mainland


Location: 43.67136, -70.213654

Use caution in busy main channel; return .8 mi. to WPT 2 and backtrack to launch. Sunsets turn horizon crimson

Casco Bay Paddler

Location: 43.664395, -70.222979

©Kari Bodnarchuk


Location: 43.673138, -70.188866

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Glassy Waters

Location: 43.67355, -70.188202

©Kari Bodnarchuk

Casco Bay Paddle

Location: 43.673718, -70.187294

©Kari Bodnarchuk

Water Views

Location: 43.673966, -70.18663

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