Maine Trails

Portland, ME: Bradbury Mountain State Park Loop

This 3-ring loop circles through forest and alongside stone walls to the park's namesake summit, offering lots of Kodak moments-especially in autumn.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.2



Location: 43.9003486633301, -70.1793975830078

Bear R onto Knight Woods Loop Trail; follow path past oak, hemlock, and eastern white pine


Location: 43.8929176330566, -70.1782989501953

Turn R onto connector trail, then L onto Snow­mobile Trail; look for black-capped chickadees, red squirrels, and white-tailed deer


Location: 43.8953666687012, -70.174186706543

Bear R; ahead, turn R onto Fox Run Trail (rocky, root-laced route through forest and bog)


Location: 43.896167755127, -70.1611175537109

Continue straight through pine grove


Location: 43.8991012573242, -70.1649322509766

Take a break on the log tree bench @ junction; continue straight on Fox Run Trail


Location: 43.8963661193848, -70.172248840332

Turn R onto Snowmobile Trail, then turn R again onto Link Trail for .3 mi. to ME 9; cross road and return to parking lot to end hike, or continue to WPT 7


Location: 43.900333404541, -70.1786346435547

Follow Northern Loop Trail past feldspar quarry on L


Location: 43.9057998657227, -70.176513671875

Continue straight; bear R onto Boundary Trail; path parallels a stone wall through hemlock forest and past a vernal pool


Location: 43.9082984924316, -70.1849822998047

Trail climbs through pines; lots of feldspar (white rocks) underfoot


Location: 43.9018669128418, -70.1848297119141

Turn L to Bradbury Mtn. Views from top: forested country, Eagle Island, Atlantic Ocean. Retrace steps to Boundary Trail, then head S on South Ridge Trail


Location: 43.9008178710938, -70.1851654052734

Follow path along ridge to rock outcropping; find hidden red blaze on tree to R of rock slab; follow trail back to lot