Phoenix: Piestewa Peak Loop

You'll find plenty of choice skyline views on this 4.6-mile dayhike to the top of Piestewa Peak, one of Phoenix's famous Seven Summits.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.5
  • Miles from city center: 11



Location: 33.5427093505859, -112.015701293945

Follow Trail 8B to the N for a brief stretch down and across dry riverbed


Location: 33.5434799194336, -112.015800476074

Turn R @ Y onto Trail 302 (Circumference Trail); head N through saguaro and desert scrub


Location: 33.5482482910156, -112.014801025391

Keep L


Location: 33.550220489502, -112.014602661133

Turn L @ Y; follow 302, swinging NW


Location: 33.5516204833984, -112.016418457031

Continue straight on 302 for a short-but-steep climb


Location: 33.5528793334961, -112.018501281738

Reach saddle with sweet views into the intricate folds, dips, and ravines of the Phoenix Mountains


Location: 33.5520706176758, -112.023498535156

Continue descent into ravine; stay on 302


Location: 33.5505218505859, -112.026702880859

Near second saddle, the Phoenix skyline emerges beyond the dusty foothills


Location: 33.5442199707031, -112.027702331543

Veer L; begin trek up switchbacks


Location: 33.5431518554688, -112.024597167969

Turn L on Trail 300 for final climb (650 ft.)


Location: 33.5475616455078, -112.021202087402

Piestewa Peak (2,608 ft.): Formerly called Squaw Peak, but renamed in honor of a young female soldier killed in Iraq. Postcard panoramas of Valley of the Sun. Backtrack to WPT 10 and turn L onto Trail 300/302, bearing S to continue loop


Location: 33.5396499633789, -112.024696350098

L @ Y; continue descent. In .3 mi., go L again to WPT 2; return to trailhead

Rolling Ridge

Location: 33.5528678894043, -112.018478393555

More five-star views from the trail. © Bob Wold


Location: 33.5475463867188, -112.021186828613

Hikers hang near the craggy summit of Piestewa Peak. © Bob Wold

Rugged Folds

Location: 33.5432777404785, -112.024261474609

This might be one of the best views in town. © Bob Wold


Location: 33.5505409240723, -112.026679992676

Scrubby foothills frame the Phoenix skyline. © Bob Wold

Summit views

Location: 33.5474739074707, -112.021018981934

After a hard climb, your reward is this eagle's eye view of the city. © Bob Wold

Natural Steps

Location: 33.5475463867188, -112.021049499512

See geology at work on Piestewa Peak. The rock layers twist upward, forming natural steps. © Bob Wold