Phoenix: Hackberry Spring Loop

Hike saguaro-covered hillsides to a small desert spring on this 5.2-mile loop encircled by mesas and red sandstone cliffs.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.4



Location: 33.4802780151367, -111.442924499512

Go S on Dutchman Trail #104, an old dirt road to First Water Ranch


Location: 33.4773788452148, -111.439697265625

L @ Y onto Second Water Trail #236


Location: 33.4789199829102, -111.435600280762

Photo op: The long, prickly arms of saguaro cacti frame views to a distant mesa


Location: 33.476634979248, -111.428527832031

Cross First Water Creek (usually dry). Swing N on Second Water Trail; gentle climb up cactusy wash to Garden Valley


Location: 33.4820365905762, -111.427841186523

Trail empties onto flat, sometimes-muddy plain where cholla and mesquite flourish and mesas encircle Garden Valley


Location: 33.4858207702637, -111.42749786377

Bear L, staying on Second Water Trail; in 100 ft., leave Forest Service trail and bear L again on well-defined path where horse hoofprints head off to the NW


Location: 33.494800567627, -111.435203552246

Stay on main trail across saddle


Location: 33.4987602233887, -111.4375

More classic saguaro figures with mountain peaks in distance


Location: 33.4980201721191, -111.440902709961

Vegetation provides shade @ First Water Creek


Location: 33.4951705932617, -111.441398620605

Hackberry Spring provides a welcome respite; views of towering cliffs


Location: 33.4916496276856, -111.441398620605

Bear R @ large cairn, leaving First Water Creek; head toward old corral, windmill, and obvious saddle to the SW


Location: 33.4871711730957, -111.442199707031

R @ cairn toward saddle to the SW


Location: 33.4828186035156, -111.446998596191

Turn L onto road back to the trailhead to complete loop

Starting off on the loop

Location: 33.4789505004883, -111.442199707031

©Steffan Fay

Pickly pear, palo verde and saguaro cover hillsides

Location: 33.4792060852051, -111.434616088867

©Steffan Fay

A distant mesa

Location: 33.4789085388184, -111.436157226562

©Steffan Fay

Second Water Trail near the entrance to Garden Valley

Location: 33.482250213623, -111.42797088623

©Steffan Fay

View to the SE across Garden Valley

Location: 33.4860649108887, -111.427627563477

©Steffan Fay

Classic saguaro

Location: 33.4942512512207, -111.433113098145

©Steffan Fay

Saguaro with snow-stippled mountain peaks in the distance

Location: 33.4987525939941, -111.437400817871

©Steffan Fay

Hackberry Spring

Location: 33.4951934814453, -111.441513061523

©Steffan Fay