Phoenix: Boulder Canyon

Navigate rocky canyon bottoms amid colorful cactus-studded hills on a 6.8-mile off-trail excursion in the Superstition Wilderness.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.4



Location: 33.5277404785156, -111.419700622559

Bear R @ Y and leave Boulder Canyon Trail; follow La Barge Creek's bed for 1.3 mi. to intersection with Boulder Canyon


Location: 33.5253486633301, -111.418899536133

Head SE for a moderately difficult but brief drop down into rocky canyon bottom strewn with seasonal pools


Location: 33.5234298706055, -111.417198181152

Scramble across smooth, multicolored cobble and Beetle-sized boulders; pass several sand and gravel bars


Location: 33.5214500427246, -111.415298461914

Continue SE along La Barge Creek; a minor drainage enters from the E


Location: 33.5167388916016, -111.412200927734

Pass a sandy campsite on L, a small alcove under a slight rock overhang


Location: 33.5153388977051, -111.411201477051

Bear R @ creek confl uence, leaving La Barge Creek; head S into Boulder Canyon for a quiet canyon walk


Location: 33.5090217590332, -111.411796569824

Canyon curves SE


Location: 33.5035591125488, -111.405296325684

Bear R; head S through low trees and bushes; pass another campsite (wide, sandy area with scattered log benches); numerous paths cross the trail


Location: 33.4992713928223, -111.406196594238

Battleship Mtn., a pale, cliff-ringed mesa, dominates E skyline; saguaros and palo verde blanket hills; return to trailhead

Battleship Mountain

Location: 33.499382019043, -111.405548095703

©Steffan Fay

Silhouetted Cacti

Location: 33.5009117126465, -111.405952453613

©Steffan Fay

Cactus-studded hillside

Location: 33.5014457702637, -111.405952453613

©Steffan Fay

Rocky Canyon Bottom

Location: 33.5245246887207, -111.418319702148

©Steffan Fay

Canyon Lake Marina

Location: 33.5333061218262, -111.421646118164

©Steffan Fay

Canyon Bottom

Location: 33.5228614807129, -111.416526794434

©Steffan Bay

Sandy Campsite

Location: 33.5170745849609, -111.411270141602

©Steffan Fay