Phoenix, AZ: Siphon Draw Trail

Go from rocky canyons to desert slickrock to an off-trail overlook with five-star views on this 5.6 mile-trek starting in Lost Dutchman State Park.

Mapped by Steffan Fay

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 4.4



Location: 33.4593505859375, -111.480102539062

Head S on Siphon Draw Trail for easy stroll through Lost Dutchman State Park; pass numerous interpretive signs


Location: 33.4563407897949, -111.480796813965

Pass campsite, then turn L @ T


Location: 33.4535713195801, -111.479103088379

Turn L @ T, marked with trail information board. Hike SE through landscape freckled with mesquite and palo verde


Location: 33.4522705078125, -111.476898193359

Pass through gate in fence; moderate climb on rocky trail


Location: 33.4500694274902, -111.474197387695

Straight (SE) on Siphon Draw Trail @ 4-way with Jacob's Crosscut Trail


Location: 33.4470291137695, -111.470802307129

Travel past crumbling foundation, a remnant of the Palmer Mine. Ahead, rock wall rises on L as canyon narrows


Location: 33.4418487548828, -111.459999084473

Ascend final section of trail on slanted slickrock slabs. In 150 ft., off-trail trek begins at seasonal waterfall; hike SE up-canyon toward saddle


Location: 33.4408187866211, -111.458503723145

Turn hard R @ saddle and contour SW. Ignore painted white dots that continue SE, marking route to the Flatiron


Location: 33.4404411315918, -111.459701538086

Walk past a solitary, 20-ft. rock spire, then continue SW on climbers trail


Location: 33.4382781982422, -111.46410369873

Locate geocache left by Boy Scout Troops 852 and 863; head W


Location: 33.4387092590332, -111.465217590332

From this rocky overlook above Siphon Draw, far-reaching views stretch E towards Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun and NW to the rugged volcanic slopes of the Goldfield Mtns. Retrace route

Siphon Draw Overlook

Location: 33.4387512207031, -111.465087890625

Views across Apache Junction and beyond into the Valley of the Sun.

Siphon Draw

Location: 33.4426078796387, -111.461387634277

Rocky spires punctuate the desert landscape.

Views to the north

Location: 33.4384498596191, -111.463577270508

Superstition rock formations

Location: 33.4455757141113, -111.468444824219

Slick Rock Terrain

Location: 33.4414024353027, -111.459579467773

Rock Spire

Location: 33.4401588439941, -111.459663391113

Superstition Sunset

Location: 33.4598541259766, -111.479621887207

Sunset marks the end of another day's hiking in the Superstitions.