Hike Peru's Mountainous Alto Route

Machu Picchu + mountains = Peru's most gorgeous alpine route.

If you subscribe to the mountains-make-everything-better philosophy of backpacking, you’ll love reaching Machu Picchu via this Andean route. The five-day Salcantay Trek winds through lush lowlands and over a 15,200-foot alpine pass en route to Machu Picchu. This Peru trek isn’t quite as overrun as its famous alternative, the Inca Trail, but it’s still popular, so I aimed for December—the height of rainy season—and encountered just a few trekkers (and daily rain). While non-technical, the route proved more challenging than the Choquequirao, as we had to trudge through mud and 6 inches of fresh snow to cross the pass.

Fittingly, “Salcantay” means “Savage” in the Quechua language. When we cruised into Machu Picchu on day five, we capped off our adventure with the super-steep, three-hour Putucusi Mountain hike. This out-and-back ascends ladders to a summit vantage across the valley to Machu Picchu—a must for any hiker, no matter how you get there.

Do It

The Salkantay Trek does not require a guide, but we recommend using one; the author used Adventure Life Guides (adventure-life.com). Expect to pay roughly $2,285 for a seven-day Salkantay Trek.

Season: For the best weather (but more people), go May through August; for more solitude, pack rain and snow gear and aim for December through April.

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