Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales: Ceibwr to Poppit Sands

This view-a-second section often runs atop a 500-foot precipice, so you might want to stick to the pub in the most ferocious weather. Even on fine days, the steep 5.5-mile trek is a challenge.
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From Ceibwr, climb quickly to overlooks of twisted, wave-lashed islands that were formed when cliffs collapsed into the sea. After 4.5 up-down miles, the views crescendo at the craggy point of Cemaes Head. There’s camping in the village of Allt-y-goed, but continue 1.5 miles on a country lane to Poppit Sands. Nearby is the 12th-century Abbey of St. Dogmaels—and The Ferry Inn, a much younger (but still historic) pub.
-Mapped by Steve Howe

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.1



Location: 52.076611, -4.75965

Start: Parking turnout above Ceibwr Bay inlet.


Location: 52.078715, -4.759312


Location: 52.081049, -4.759419

Views down onto tilted slate cliffs.


Location: 52.098594, -4.740933

Viewpoint onto radically folded strata of seaside cliffs.


Location: 52.110058, -4.732436

Old World War II Coast Guard lookout at Camaes Head.


Location: 52.112099, -4.734831

Folded strata and beach-side sea cave.


Location: 52.114728, -4.72455

On the east side of Camaes Head, cliffs take the form of steep slabs.


Location: 52.107289, -4.704992

Scenic banded rock outcrops on the northwest end of Poppit Sands beach.


Location: 52.104281, -4.699759

End: Parking lot at Poppit Sands Beach.