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Pacific Crest Trail: OR Section 4

OR 62 to OR 138: Crest the breathtaking caldera of Crater Lake on this 22.4-mile trip that ends in the flats of the Pumice Desert.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 36.0



Location: 42.8712844848633, -122.180183410645

OR 62; for Mazama Store, turn right on highway, walk down until the road takes a sharp turn; at that point you'll see a guard rail on the left side of the road. the most direct route to the store is to leave from this guardrail and walk down the very steep embankment.


Location: 42.8673324584961, -122.166946411133

Mazama Village Store offers showers, laundry, camping, all-you-can-eat restaurant. Don't linger too long, Crater Lake awaits


Location: 42.8912010192871, -122.169464111328

Turn R onto Dutton Creek Trail where the stock and hiker PCT split. Head NNE toward Crater Lake's deep, blue waters


Location: 42.910026550293, -122.141075134277

Crater Lake Lodge: Relax on the porch overlooking Crater Lake. Head NW around the rim of the lake


Location: 42.9121131896973, -122.148078918457

Route around the rim is often poorly maintained, but well traveled; follow the trails, staying close to the rim


Location: 42.9661331176758, -122.150848388672

Rim road splits; regain trail tread @ Y


Location: 42.9957008361816, -122.134246826172

Head N @ jct. where equestrian PCT and hiker PCT reconnect


Location: 43.0873832702637, -122.092514038086

Crater Lake NP boundary


Location: 43.0889167785644, -122.09188079834

Cross OR 138;

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Sunrise on the rim

Location: 42.9581031799316, -122.161743164062

©Jack Haskel

Wizard Island

Location: 42.9136810302734, -122.150871276855

A smaller volcanic cone sits in the middle of the lake. ©Jack Haskel

Slopes of Crater Lake

Location: 42.9128761291504, -122.149803161621

©Jack Haskel

Fiery night sky

Location: 42.9568748474121, -122.167236328125

©Jack Haskel


Location: 42.9574089050293, -122.165092468262

©Jack Haskel

Pink-and-blue skies

Location: 42.9568748474121, -122.167236328125

©Jack Haskel

Crater Lake Lodge

Location: 42.9099273681641, -122.140830993652

©Jack Haskel

View north over the Pumice Desert

Location: 42.9662322998047, -122.150505065918

©Jack Haskel