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Oregon Coast Trail (Section 03): Ecola State Park to Arch Cape

This 9.5-mile section of the Oregon Coast Trail winds south on sandy beaches punctuated with craggy headlands and 235-foot Haystack Rock.
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Stretching from the mouth of the Columbia River to the California border, the 382-mile Oregon Coast Trail links sandy shoreline, rugged headlands, and numerous state parks. This section of the OCT starts at Ecola State Park and travels 9.5 miles to Arch Cape.
Walk south from the parking lot at Ecola State Park to the trail just beyond the restrooms. The route climbs briefly into forest before tracing the road for a nearly two-mile descent into the town of Cannon Beach. At mile 2.5, turn left and walk south along Cannon Beach, passing 235-foot Haystack Rock and tidal pools teeming with starfish, sea anemone, crabs, and sea slugs.
From here, continue south along the beach, passing Tolovana Beach, Silver Point, Humbug Point and Arcadia Beach. At mile 7.3, follow the road blasted into Hug Point. (Caution: Do this during mid- or low tide—the road is submerged during high tide.) On the other side of the point is a small oasis, complete with cave, waterfall, colorful algae, and another stretch of beach.
The next 1.8-mile stretch continues south to Arch Cape. At mile 9.4, take the last left before the point of Arch Cape juts out into the sea and follow Leech Lane east to your shuttle car.
CAUTION: Do not try to round headlands without knowledge of tide heights and times. Bring a tide chart and a detailed topo map. Free tide tables are available at state park offices, information centers, and the Hatfield Marine Science Center website.
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-Mapped by Echo Hobbs, Salem Hiking Meetup

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 15.2



Location: 45.919617, -123.974275

Hike south from the parking area off Ecola Park Road.


Location: 45.915511, -123.966856

Cross a bridge.


Location: 45.915139, -123.969008

The trail passes Crescent Beach (0.1 mile to the west).


Location: 45.911847, -123.965661

Turn right onto Ecola State Park Road and head south.


Location: 45.910661, -123.964619

Continue straight at the junction.


Location: 45.903675, -123.959694

Turn left on 5th Street.


Location: 45.902653, -123.957269

Turn right onto Fir Street (becomes Elm Avenue) and cross Ecola Creek.


Location: 45.898319, -123.959942

Turn right onto 2nd Street.


Location: 45.8983, -123.962769

Beach access: Turn left and walk south along Cannon Beach.


Location: 45.889464, -123.962378

Public restrooms are located near the corner of Dawes Avenue and Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach.


Location: 45.884369, -123.967011

The route passes 235-foot Haystack Rock. Look for tide pools teeming with starfish, sea anemone, crabs, and sea slugs. On summer weekends, volunteers are present to help educate people about these underwater gardens.


Location: 45.873428, -123.963825

Walk south through Tolovana Beach Wayside Park.


Location: 45.857619, -123.964492

Silver Point


Location: 45.847844, -123.962217

Pass Humbug Point.


Location: 45.839233, -123.961508

Arcadia Beach


Location: 45.831492, -123.962483

Follow the road blasted into Hug Point. Caution: Do this during mid- or low tide. The road is submerged during high tide.


Location: 45.831103, -123.962439

A cave is located on the southern side of Hug Point.


Location: 45.830108, -123.961786



Location: 45.828919, -123.962581

Pass Austin Point.


Location: 45.819378, -123.963289

Austin Creek flows into the ocean.


Location: 45.804494, -123.966283

Turn left onto Leech Lane.


Location: 45.804381, -123.964583

The hike ends at Leech Lane and Canon Road.

View from Ecola State Park

Location: 45.919586, -123.973953

View down the beach from the Ecola parking area.


Location: 45.915303, -123.968439

Ecola Creek

Location: 45.902172, -123.957953

View of Tillamook Head

Location: 45.893997, -123.965672

Sand Castle

Location: 45.885767, -123.965564

Haystack Rock

Location: 45.884258, -123.966486

Tillamook Head from Humbug Point

Location: 45.847844, -123.961831

Hug Point

Location: 45.832392, -123.962172

Road around Hug Point

Location: 45.831683, -123.963181

The road gets covered by high tide.

Hug Point

Location: 45.831022, -123.962569


Location: 45.8311, -123.962392


Location: 45.830078, -123.962258

Walking along Arch Cape

Location: 45.806547, -123.965864

Arch Cape

Location: 45.804856, -123.966314

Path to Leech Lane

Location: 45.804497, -123.966225

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