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Tailgate Talk #2: Obi Kauffman's "California Field Atlas"

Publish date:

Group: Tahoe Institute for Natural Science and Alpenglow Sports

When: Monday, October 2, 3–8 pm

Where: Alpenglow Sports, Tahoe City

Cost: $7


Alpenglow Sports is proud to welcome Poet, Artist, and Adventurer Obi Kaufmann. For Kaufmann, California is a thriving network of living systems that connect in a grand, quilted array of ecology and beauty. Based on decades of exploring California’s backcountry, the California Field Atlas is Kaufmann’s masterpiece. This compilation of hundreds of hand-painted maps details the striking topography of the Golden State. The Field Atlas creates an elemental narrative of the shaping forces of earth, air, fire, and water. Kaufmann’s watercolor paintings bring soul and color to the overly computerized world of mapping. Obi is bringing the art back to the increasingly computerized world of cartographic and geographic exploration. With maps and photographs, Obi allows us to peer beyond our urbanized California, revealing the secrets of its enduring natural wealth and its resilient biological diversity.

California Field Atlas is sure to make a trusty companion on any California road trip. The atlas will take you off the beaten path, revealing the states myriad ecologies, topographies, and histories in exquisite maps and trail paintings. It is more than a travel atlas or road trip guide; it is a journal that logs the vivacity, history and complexity of California. Obi blends science, geography, and art to illuminate the interconnectedness of earth systems like no book has done before. Maps are brought to life by spirited illustrations of wildlife, natural phenomena, and clear-sighted but reverential text. The effect is staggeringly beautiful. Full of character and color, The California Field Atlas is the ultimate love letter to the state that Alpenglow calls home.

Come see Obi in action at Alpenglow Sports Monday, October 2nd. This second installment of Alpenglow’s “Tailgate Talks” will begin outside the shop at 3pm. Kaufmann will give a Tahoe watercolor painting demonstration, the result of which will be offered for raffle, with proceeds benefitting Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences. We will gather inside Alpenglow Sports at 6:30pm for a presentation about Obi’s California Field Atlas, followed by a Q&A session. Alpenglow will be selling California Field Atlas and Kaufmann will answer questions and sign his book following the presentation.

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