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New York City: Shenandoah Mountain

On this 13.2-mile out-and-back, you'll get a StairMaster-type workout as you explore the ridges, ravines and overlooks of Fahnestock State Park.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 10.7


View of Canopus Lake

Location: 41.4681777954102, -73.830680847168

©Jeff Chow


Location: 41.4672203063965, -73.8314666748047

View over the lake and sandy beach. ©Jeff Chow

Rock-line path

Location: 41.4535751342773, -73.8392028808594

The trail leads through dense foliage to Canopus Lake. ©Jeff Chow

Ralph's Peak Hiker Cabin

Location: 41.5142402648926, -73.7925262451172

©Jeff Chow


Location: 41.4526443481445, -73.8376541137695

From NY 301, follow the white-blazed Appalachian Trail N along the rocky W shoulder of Canopus Lake


Location: 41.4725151062012, -73.8264846801758

Check out S-facing viewpoint over the indigo hues of Canopus Lake and its signature white-sand beach


Location: 41.4950981140137, -73.8154296875

Shenandoah Mtn. (1,282 ft.): Also called Looking Mtn., this peak offers unfettered views E of nearby lowlands and ponds. Descend N


Location: 41.4999351501465, -73.8137359619141

Cross Long Hill Rd.


Location: 41.5009002685547, -73.813232421875

Begin short climb to second high point along the camel humps of Shenandoah Mtn.


Location: 41.5065498352051, -73.8130493164062

Pass crest and cross under power lines


Location: 41.5113830566406, -73.8063201904297

Stay R @ Y for rugged, 600-ft. descent into a folded ravine where hemlocks cling to the steep, moist slopes. Campsite: L turn goes .1 mi. to Shenandoah Tent Area


Location: 41.5155334472656, -73.7936477661133

Cross bridge over small brook spilling out of hillside pond


Location: 41.5143661499023, -73.7924652099609

Ralph's Peak Hiker Cabin: Three-sided cinderblock hut with bunks; good water, too. Retrace route to car

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