Muliwai Trail, Waimanu Valley, HI

Come to Hawaii’s Big Island and hike into the rainforest for private beaches
Waimanu Valley, HI

This steep, 1,600-foot descent to Waimanu Valley is just the warm-up for the major stream crossing you’ll hit at the valley floor. Photo by Randall Tate/

Want a piece of this waterfall-streaked, gecko-green valley on a private, black-sand beach on Hawaii’s Big Island? You’ll have to hoof it 7.6 miles up a punishingly steep bluff (gaining 1,200 feet
in less than a mile) and across 12 moderate gulches before the big test: crossing the sometimes chest-high Waimanu Stream (it’s even deeper after big rains). A rope lets hikers move hand-over- hand through the deepest sections.