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Mountain and Adventure Film Festival

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Group: Film Festival Flix

When: September 1–3

Where: Mount Baldy, CA

Cost: $0–250


The annual Mountain & Adventure Festival Gathering kicks off Labor Day Weekend with a four-day celebration of outdoor sports and lifestyle. Within its extensive program, the festival offers Mountain Recreation Sports; Yoga and Wellness; Pro Athlete Presentations; Photography Clinics; Music, Film, and Relaxation. The festival allows focus on one area of interest, or the opportunity to combine weekend activities and camping for all four days set against majestic Mt. Baldy and the San Gabriel National Forest.

World-renowned outdoor adventure athletes and expert mountaineers, rock climbers, alpinists, and explorers from around the world will interact with the public and host presentations and clinics. Top of the Notch will host live music; and festival goers will screen inspirational and award-winning adventure films.

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