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Morgantown: Ridge Trail Loop

This mellow 4-mile hike tours the rolling hills and lush, wildlife-filled wetlands that make up scenic Canaan Valley State Park.
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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.3



Location: 39.0255393981934, -79.4669494628906

Head W on Middle Ridge Trail into the fringes of the Monongahela National Forest; the path skirts the treeline into a field bordered by high grasses


Location: 39.0250282287598, -79.470100402832

R @ Y, bearing N up slope with lovely sights to Balsam Swamp


Location: 39.034969329834, -79.4744262695312

L @ wetland edge, crossing footbridge over beaver stream (note large lodge)


Location: 39.0334281921387, -79.4760513305664

Take R and cross Club Run for side trip to the isolated wetlands of Skidder Run; the long, green, 4,000-ft.-high backbone of Canaan Mtn. rises to W


Location: 39.0372009277344, -79.4767532348633

Cross Enoch Run and take R onto Allegheny Trail N; slow down and look for small cranberries in nearby bog


Location: 39.0422592163086, -79.4773635864258

Stop near diverse marshlands to spot or hear wildlife (bonus points for black bears). Then return to WPT 4 and go S on Middle Ridge Trail


Location: 39.0300216674805, -79.4733428955078

Pass through dense glen of second-growth spruce on carpet of sphagnum moss


Location: 39.0254135131836, -79.4740371704102

Crest lone knoll after slight incline and begin steep SE descent


Location: 39.0235900878906, -79.4726867675781

L to follow Middle Ridge Trail; path becomes faint, follow blazes back to car

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