Montana De Oro State Beach: Bluff Trail

Hike some of the most rugged yet picturesque coastline along the Central California coast at this secluded state park in San Luis Obispo County.
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119 - Begin this easy hike at horseshoe-shaped Spooners Cove. Head south a very short distance to a small bridge. Cross it bearing west along the southside of Spooners Cove.
120 - At the Y-junction bear right next to tall cyprus tree with Spooners Cove on the right.
121 - At the Y-junction bear right and south over another foot bridge in coastal chaparral.
122 - Pass the Pecho Road sign to a Y-junction and bear right continuing along the bluffs. Keep an eye out for black oystercatchers, gulls, brown pelicans and other seabirds.
123 - At another Y-junction bear right and south. Good place for lunch and photography.
124 - You'll come to a fence and no trespassing sign. Incredible views of weathered bluffs, pristine beaches and rugged coastal mountains teeming with mule deer, mountain lions and other wildlife. Retrace your steps back to Spooners Cove.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 2.7



Location: 35.259793, -120.894454

22-MAR-09 12:52:32PM


Location: 35.260592, -120.894712

22-MAR-09 12:50:36PM


Location: 35.265584, -120.893171

22-MAR-09 12:45:44PM


Location: 35.272188, -120.893672

22-MAR-09 12:38:48PM


Location: 35.272337, -120.889752

22-MAR-09 12:33:41PM


Location: 35.273641, -120.887943

22-MAR-09 12:27:38PM

Pigeon Guillemot.jpg

Location: 35.26605, -120.89304

While hugging the rugged coastline, keep an eye out for rare, hardy seabirds like this pigeon guillemot.

Montana De Oro Fisheye.jpg

Location: 35.261144, -120.894499

This coastline is some of the most scenic central California has to offer. Virtually every lookout is worth a stop.


Location: 35.260443, -120.894241

All along the route, keep an eye out for wildlife. Besides seabirds, mountain lions, black bears, bobcats and mule deer frequent the region.

Montana de Oro State Beach Landscape.jpg

Location: 35.272707, -120.889606

This is arguably the best lookout on the hike and it's only a short distance from the carpark. This is Spooners Cove.

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