Monson, ME: Moxie Bald via Appalachian Trail

On the 24-mile shuttle hike up to the Moxie Bald summit, the Maine wilderness unfolds a dizzying array of flora and fauna, and panoramic lake, valley, and peak views.

Maine—with its secluded forests, cascading streams, idyllic ponds, and deep canyons—hosts some of the Appalachian Trail’s sweetest miles. Sample the state’s highlights (including blooming trillium and lady’s slippers, if you go in the spring) on this difficult 24.8-mile shuttle hike from the town of Monson to Moxie Pond.
From the trailhead, head west through prime moose territory to the Horseshoe Canyon Lean-To at mile 8.9 (leave time to check out the canyon’s 40-foot slate walls). On day two, travel 9 miles through striped maple, birch, and white pine to Moxie Pond; you’ll find another lean-to facing its pristine, isolated shore. The next morning’s 4-mile segment brings a steep climb and ridgewalk, but the reward is worth it: the summit of Moxie Bald Mountain. Take a short spur to the North Peak and 2,630-foot Moxie Bald for a classic Maine panorama of lakes, valleys, and prominent peaks like Mt. Katahdin, Bigelow, Sugarloaf, and Abraham. Drop 2 miles to spend another night in the Bald Brook Lean-To, or hike out the remaining 2.8 miles to your shuttle. NOTE: The trail’s 4 stream crossings can be difficult in high water.
Info: Appalachian Trail Guide to Maine (Maine Appalachian Trail Club)
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Location: 45.2742118835449, -69.8247756958008