Boston Event

Happy Hour: Maine Beer Company & AMC

Group: AMC Boston

When: Thursday, December 14, 6 to 9 pm

Where: PJ Ryan’s, Somerville, MA

Cost: Free (registration required)

Details: Join AMC’s Boston Chapter and Maine Beer Company for a few drinks and a little charity! PJ Ryan’s, a Somerville staple for amazing craft beers, has graciously offered to host us. A percentage of sales this evening will go towards supporting AMC’s conservation mission in our region. Do what’s right. Make great beer. Have fun. This is the mission statement that hangs in the brewery at Maine Beer Company and in the simplest terms possible, outlines our business and brewing philosophy. Founding the company in 2009, David & Daniel Kleban wanted to prove that you could run a business while still doing what’s right. Beyond the platitudes of giving back and being environmentally sound, the desire to “Do what’s right” is a genuine philosophy that is embraced at all levels of the company. Through our partnerships with non-profits our staff develop a personal connection to our local community and environment. Opportunities to do more and create a symbiotic relationship with our environment & community often outweigh the opportunity to expand in a traditional business sense. While some businesses judge their success based on financial growth, at MBC success is gauged by how much they are able to give back, with each year in business seeing an increase in our donations to 1% For the Planet non-profits. MBC has selected Appalachian Mountain Club as one of their 1% For the Planet environmental non-profits because they saw a like-minded focus in to protecting the environment and encouraging people to get outdoors. 

The Appalachian Mountains pass through many of the areas where Maine Beer Company beers are distributed, and they recognized an opportunity of engaging more people and drawing attention to the work of the AMC through their beer community both at home and in other states. Locally, the Maine Woods Initiative supported by the AMC ties in with Maine Beer Company’s advocacy for the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument. In a state whose economy is increasingly defined by tourism they recognize the importance of supporting land conservation, nature-based tourism, and community partnerships, all of which are central to the AMC.