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Perseid's Meteor Shower Campout

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Group: Mendocino Magic

When: Saturday, August 12, 8–11 pm

Where: Mendocino Magic

Cost: $90


Perseid's Meteor Shower will be taking place over the Pacific Northwestern United States. Mendocino Magic will host two astronomers with a telescope and provide a tea service for a large gathering of people who are welcomed to come camp with us. We will set up many tarps for small groups of up to 6 people and request visitors NOT bring tents, just headlamps, water bottles to refill, your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Guests will pack their gear into trucks and walk 1.5 miles up to NOMMI's KNOLL Camp.

NOMMI'S KNOLL Camp: The highest camp at Mendocino Magic sits on a hilltop above the reservoir with crisp private skies full of stars at night. This is a gradual 20 minute hike up a mountain via a fire road from the lanai on the Buddha Canyon Trail loop hike.

The hike is worth it. Campers have a completely flat terrain dotted with manzanita brush and madrone trees, perfect for an isolated getaway. For Perseid's Meteor Shower, please prepare for a night under the stars by packing layers for chilly nights, and just your sleeping bag and pad (no tents).

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