California Trails

Los Angeles: Solstice Canyon Loop

Where do the locals go? To the lovely waterfalls, big ocean views, and hidden ruins on this 4.3-mile dayhike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Editors Note: Due to wildfires, Solstice Canyon will be closed until mid summer 08. To check on trail conditions please call the National Park Service at 805-370-2301

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 5.9



Location: 34.0351791, -118.7444

Head N; in 400 ft., go R @ Y


Location: 34.0379181, -118.7468948

R into Dry Canyon. Quail flutter and bobcats hide in these woods, more so when the intermittent stream flows


Location: 34.0420303, -118.7421036

Palms frame seasonal 150-ft. waterfall (most active after a winter rain)


Location: 34.0378456, -118.7476883

R @ Y; steep uphill is a bit strenuous


Location: 34.0387993, -118.7481995

R @ T on the Rising Sun Trail


Location: 34.0403709, -118.7500992

Tip: Take five photos and stitch together this Pacific Ocean panorama with Catalina Island for your office or den


Location: 34.0452728, -118.7490234

Pass through V-shaped gully


Location: 34.0494194, -118.7528992

Tropical terrace: Foliage and crystal-clear pools sit below 30-ft. waterfall. Carefully scramble above falls to see more pools. (Look for concealed Virgin Mary statue)


Location: 34.0495605, -118.7534027

Ruins of Roberts family home (c. 1950s), burned in 1982. Go L and head S on Solstice Canyon Trail along a cool stream


Location: 34.0440903, -118.7528992

Cross creek by stepping on a series of moss covered rocks


Location: 34.0383301, -118.7519073

Go L @ Y and cross creek again; return .2 mi. to WPT 4 and retrace route to parking area