California Trails

Los Angeles: Cold Springs Trail

This 8.3-mile lollipop loop quickly ascends 2,500 feet into the coastal hills; bring your camera to capture striking above-the-fog seascapes.

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 ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer


 ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer


 ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer


 ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.8



Location: 34.456298828125, -119.652496337891

From road, head E up Cold Springs Ridge Trail through coyote bush and manzanita on old stagecoach route


Location: 34.4559593200684, -119.651000976562

Ascend singletrack dirt switchbacks; turn S for first views over Santa Barbara and out to the Channel Islands


Location: 34.460620880127, -119.650703430176

R @ Y with E Fork Cold Springs Trail; head E past showy CA lilacs


Location: 34.4605293273926, -119.647201538086

Cold Springs Trail intersects with Edison Co. service road; stay on N side of jeep trail


Location: 34.4607200622559, -119.645698547363

L @ Y with Cold Springs Trail, head up slope


Location: 34.4691314697266, -119.644599914551

Trail skirts W slope of Montecito Peak (3,214 ft.) Spur: On R, .1-mi. nontechnical scramble to pointy angel’s-nest peak; summit is roughly 50 ft. in diameter, nearly flat–perfect for photos of Santa Ynez Mtns.


Location: 34.4841499328613, -119.638999938965

Reach Cold Springs saddle and E. Camino Cielo Rd. with views of Pacific shoreline and backcountry of Los Padres NF; retrace route to WPT 3


Location: 34.4637908935547, -119.650596618652

E. Fork Trail creek crossing; head N to finish loop WSW through lush canyon and creek spilling over small pools framed by alders; watch for poison oak


Location: 34.4561386108398, -119.653198242188

Reach E. Fork Cold Springs trailhead on E. Mtn. Dr.; return on rd. to car

Emerald Slopes and Azure Skies

Location: 34.4575881958008, -119.648941040039

The sky and the hills of the Santa Ynez. ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer

Gully and Clouds

Location: 34.4838180541992, -119.638786315918

The hills unfold for miles. ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer

The Pacific from on high

Location: 34.4837684631348, -119.638687133789

The Pacific Coast to the E through the haze. ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer

View Near Montecito

Location: 34.4694290161133, -119.643020629883

Through the trees and over the ocean. ©Gail and Harry Steele-Moyer