Los Angeles, CA: Echo Mountain

Visit the 100-year-old ruins of a once glamorous resort on this 5.3-mile hike to a 3,207-foot summit in the San Gabriel Mountains.

There’s no need to leave the city for mountaintop views: This 5.3-miler starts in the leafy neighborhoods of Altadena and vaults up the side of the chaparral-covered San Gabriels. The sprawling San Gabriel Valley is visible on nearly every step of the hike, and the spring displays of larkspur, penstemon, and monkeyflower are outrageous. On the 3,207-foot summit, wander around the crumbling foundations and rusted-out cog wheels of the White City, a ritzy resort built at the turn of the 20th century.

-Mapped by Andrew Bray

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 8.5
  • Miles from city center: 15



Location: 34.203976, -118.1306

The trail begins at the intersection of E. Loma Alta Drive and Lake Ave. Hike east.


Location: 34.203959, -118.128565

Pick up the trail to the right, and follow it northeast.


Location: 34.203877, -118.126172

Climb short switchbacks.


Location: 34.206891, -118.124818

Trail swings to the right (south) above Las Flores Canyon. From the middle of April to the middle of June, you'll hike across vibrant slopes covered in larkspur (scarlet), monkeyflower (yellow), mariposa lily, Indian paintbrush, and penstemon.


Location: 34.206887, -118.121663

Turn left above Rubio Canyon and hike north across Echo Mountain's west-facing slopes.


Location: 34.215271, -118.123262

Turn right on the last switchback and hike southeast for the last .3-mile stretch to Echo Mountain.


Location: 34.210886, -118.120741

Echo Mountain (3,207 ft.): This mountaintop was the site of the White City, a ritzy resort built in the late 1800's/early 1900's. Wander around the ruins: huge rusted-out cog wheels from the funicular (cable car) that hauled Angelenos up Echo Mountain and foundations that once contained dining halls and drawing rooms, kitchens and larders.