Long Trail Compilation

This is a compilation of all 12 sections of the Long Trail hike.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 401.2



Location: 42.716101, -73.185277

From the parking lot on Pine Cobble Road, cross the street, and turn left to walk north alongside the pond toward the Pine Cobble Trailhead.


Location: 42.716487, -73.185296

At the Pine Cobble Trailhead, turn right off the road and walk around the other side of the pond. Shortly ahead, the route heads east up an increasing climbing grade.


Location: 42.722006, -73.166887

Turn right for a .1-mile detour to the Pine Cobble summit; turn left to continue heading northeast and join the Appalachian Trail.


Location: 42.727277, -73.161068

At the junction with the Appalachian Trail, continue heading north/northeast.


Location: 42.743827, -73.155505

Cross into Vermont and onto the official Long Trail.


Location: 42.746791, -73.150353

Continue through stream crossing.


Location: 42.768948, -73.136928

Continue across dirt road; the Seth Warner Shelter is just head. Beyond the shelter, the Long Trail crosses a dirt road again.


Location: 42.791211, -73.118651

Here the climbing eases at a long power line clearing with a view.


Location: 42.808477, -73.117221

The trail cuts right, leaving the logging road.


Location: 42.82781, -73.123786

Continue straight across the logging road.


Location: 42.840673, -73.112569

Continue across jeep road crossing.


Location: 42.848009, -73.109767

The Long Trail passes the Congdon Shelter. Continuing west on a slight uphill grade, the trail crosses a logging road just ahead.


Location: 42.858493, -73.130133

Continue north across a poorly marked logging road crossing. The trail crosses the road again in another 100 yards or so.


Location: 42.871167, -73.132425

From the top of Harmon Hill, the trail descends gradually, then down very steep steps for the last half-mile of section 1.


Location: 42.884951, -73.115495

Section 1 ends and Section 2 begins at this parking lot on Route 9. A toilet is available here.

Rugged Terrain

Location: 42.726785, -73.161741

Rough terrain is common on the Long Trail.

Pine Cobble Trail

Location: 42.715474, -73.184447

The Official Long Trail Start

Location: 42.744102, -73.155335

Seth Warner Shelter Junction

Location: 42.771208, -73.134524

Beaver Pond

Location: 42.801563, -73.117107

The Long Trail skirts a large beaver pond.

Long Trail Flora

Location: 42.818014, -73.122417

Harmon Hill

Location: 42.871121, -73.131738


Location: 42.884951, -73.115495

From the parking lot on VT-9 (toilet available), the Long Trail crosses City Stream and immediately begins a steep ascent up rock steps.


Location: 42.888011, -73.096494

Turn right for the Melville Nauheim shelter; otherwise continue north on the Long Trail.


Location: 42.894403, -73.092124

Just below the summit of Maple Hill, the Long Trail enters the Glastenbury Wilderness.


Location: 42.906561, -73.087383

Cross Hell Hollow Brook; if you have time to linger (and it's a hot day), there's a swimming hole here.


Location: 42.974086, -73.072225

Shortly after leaving the Glastenbury Wilderness, the trail passes a junction down to the Goddard Shelter here. Just ahead, reach the firetower near the summit of Glastenbury Mountain.


Location: 43.014401, -73.043342

Near the bottom of the descent from Glastenbury, the trail passes a junction to the Kid Gore Shelter.


Location: 43.023533, -73.037457

Come to a powerline view point with a bench.


Location: 43.041551, -73.01921

Here the trail encounters the first of two crossings of South Alder Brook. Ahead, the trail skirts a long beaver pond.


Location: 43.050382, -73.012481

A short walk from the end of the section, the trail passes the Story Spring Shelter.


Location: 43.053826, -72.990341

The white-blazed Long Trail continues straight across USFS-71. Note: in bad weather, you may want to consider bypassing the exposed summit of Stratton Mountain. To do so, turn left here, continue to the T-junction with Stratton-Arlington Rd., make a right and then a quick left onto a trail route that bypasses Stratton Mountain and rejoins the Long Trail at Stratton Pond.


Location: 43.053318, -72.974831

Cross Black Brook.


Location: 43.053818, -72.971802

Here the Long Trail/AT turn east off of a jeep road.


Location: 43.061195, -72.968597

The Long Trail/AT turns east on Stratton-Arlington Rd., crosses East Branch Deerfield River, then heads W @ the far end of the parking lot.

Goddard Shelter

Location: 42.973852, -73.0723

Glastenbury Summit View

Location: 42.977841, -73.071544

Fire Tower Summit

Location: 42.977841, -73.071544

Atop Glastenbury Mountain

Beaver Pond

Location: 43.046132, -73.013792

White Blaze

Location: 43.046561, -73.013826

Kid Gore Shelter

Location: 43.014093, -73.042946

Story Spring Shelter

Location: 43.050388, -73.012304


Location: 43.061456, -72.986664

Optional Stratton Mountain Bypass: On gnarly weather days, the exposed summit of Stratton Mountain can be bypassed by this 3.5-mile route that picks up at the intersection of USFS-71 and Stratton-Arlington Road. The bypass route rejoins the Long Trail at Stratton Pond.


Location: 43.061165, -72.968582

At its crossing on Stratton-Arlington Road, the Long Trail (also the AT) heads east from the Branch Deerfield River, then departs back into the woods from the far end of the parking lot.


Location: 43.068466, -72.949165

Cross a jeep road. Ahead, the climb up Stratton Mountain increases in pitch, gaining approximately 1,300 feet in the next 2.1 miles.


Location: 43.085934, -72.924896

Stratton Mountain (3,936 ft.): A summit firetower offers great Green Mountain views. Continue downhill, heading northwest from the summit.


Location: 43.099983, -72.946182

Shortly after a spring, cross a jeep road to continue west towards Stratton Pond. Ahead the trail meets a small river.


Location: 43.102001, -72.96405

Turn right to continue north along Stratton Pond on the Long Trail. This junction also leads to the Stratton Pond shelter. A tenting area is available here via the North Shore Trail.


Location: 43.103233, -72.96456

Continue to the right at Stratton Pond. Tenting areas are available to the left and right here.


Location: 43.104481, -72.964438

Go right on the Long Trail, heading away from the pond.


Location: 43.123454, -72.976139

Cross a bridge over the Winhall River.


Location: 43.150295, -72.991653

After passing the turnoff for the William B. Douglas shelter, cross a bridge over Bourn Brook. Shortly ahead the trail joins a forest road.


Location: 43.154015, -73.008276

The Long Trail turns off the road here heading northeast, passing Prospect Rock (and a great view point) on the left--and the only trash can on the entire Long Trail!


Location: 43.179416, -72.994071

The trail to Spruce Peak shelter shoots off to the left towards a fully enclosed shelter with wood burning stove in center, large sleeping lofts, a dining area and front porch.


Location: 43.185304, -72.993086

A detour trail leads to Spruce Peak; the white-blazed Long Trail/AT continues northeast.


Location: 43.200796, -72.973616

Head northeast towards VT-30/11,


Location: 43.206642, -72.970659

The LT crosses VT-11/30 and continues from the parking lot on the far side of the road.


Location: 43.21427, -72.966485

Cross Bromley Brook; shortly ahead, the trail also crosses a jeep road.


Location: 43.22272, -72.951662

Turn right for the Bromley Shelter, or continue up towards the Bromley Mountain Summit. Shortly ahead you'll pass a broad viewpoint; the final approach to the summit is up a cleared ski trail.


Location: 43.227788, -72.939863

Bromley Mountain: From the top of the ski area, the Long Trail heads north down a steep and rocky descent.


Location: 43.257604, -72.938177

Section 3 ends at Mad Tom Notch Road (near Mad Tom Notch). There is a water pump here and a grassy area that would make for a nice spot to camp.

Stratton Pond

Location: 43.103509, -72.964405

Crossing Bourn Brook

Location: 43.150459, -72.991747

Prospect Rock View

Location: 43.15402, -73.008268

Balanced Cairn

Location: 43.204096, -72.971963

The AT/LT Continues

Location: 43.208679, -72.968402

Bromley Shelter

Location: 43.222378, -72.950334

A Trail on a Trail

Location: 43.228002, -72.941702

The Long Trail cuts through a ski trail on the route up to Bromley Mountain.

Descending Bromley

Location: 43.229472, -72.939324

The initial descent from Bromley Mountain is steep and rocky.


Location: 43.258049, -72.938361

Begin hiking north on the white-blazed Long Trail (also Appalachian Trail) from Mad Tom Notch Rd./USFS-21. The trail immediately begins climbing Styles Peak, switchbacking a few times on the steep upper slopes en route to the summit.


Location: 43.27363, -72.938019

From the top of Styles Peak, the LT/AT trek along the top of the ridge that connects to Peru Peak, about 1.6 miles north.


Location: 43.301247, -72.952841

A steep, rocky, and muddy path leads down to the Peru Peak shelter. Ahead, the LT crosses a series of man-made bridges.


Location: 43.303137, -72.958142

Pass a nice tenting area alongside Griffith Lake (a nice spot to take a dip on a hot day). Just ahead, continue straight on the white-blazed LT past junctions for both the Old Job Trail and the Lake Trail.


Location: 43.323408, -72.965282

The LT continues up Baker Peak past a junction with the top of the Lake Trail.


Location: 43.324928, -72.96308

The climbing levels off atop the broad forested summit of Baker Peak. Ahead, the LT heads north on a gradual descent.


Location: 43.347075, -72.952588

Pass a junction to the Lost Pond shelter on the left.


Location: 43.36327, -72.942868

Turn left on the LT to walk alongside and then cross the Ten Kilns Brook. A right turn here leads to the Old Job lean-to (not maintained by the Green Mountain Club as LT shelters are). There are also nice tenting areas on the stretch alongside the brook.


Location: 43.371232, -72.961172

As USFS-10, turn left on the brief road and then, just ahead, right off the road heading north on the trail again. This area is popular with local runners.


Location: 43.395456, -72.955113

Pass a junction to the Lula Tye shelter (a short walk from the LT). Just ahead there are some tent platforms at Little Rock Pond.


Location: 43.403831, -72.953406

Pass a junction with the Little Rock Pond shelter. The Long Trail continues heading northeast before climbing 400 feet up to the top of the White Rocks ridge.


Location: 43.44301, -72.942553

Pass a junction with a short (.2 mi) trail to the top of the White Rocks cliff overlook. Ahead the trail descends.


Location: 43.442234, -72.933404

Pass a junction to the Greenwall shelter. The Long Trail continues descending.


Location: 43.448464, -72.937846

Turn right on the LT/AT, passing the junction with the Keewaydin Trail. The trail meets Bully Brook just ahead.


Location: 43.454876, -72.935762

Cross the dirt road (Sugar Hill Rd.) and proceed to the end of the section at the crossing of VT-140.

Little Rock Pond

Location: 43.39878, -72.95527

Bridge Crossing

Location: 43.301399, -72.953902

Peru Peak Shelter Map

Location: 43.301342, -72.952547

Griffith Lake

Location: 43.306068, -72.95866

Up and Onwards

Location: 43.323979, -72.964686

Navigating rock slab on the approach to Baker Peak

Brook Crossing

Location: 43.363267, -72.944146

Big Branch Shelter

Location: 43.364198, -72.946515

An old but maintained shelter with a nice swimming area near by.

Boulder Field Cairns

Location: 43.433028, -72.941973


Location: 43.456879, -72.932769

The Long Trail leaves from the right end of the parking lot on VT-140 (facing away from the road) and immediately begins a stiff, switchback climb up Bear Mountain (gaining 1,000 feet over the next 1.5 miles).


Location: 43.464394, -72.935625

Turn right to continue on the LT. A blue-blazed side trail continues straight.


Location: 43.482899, -72.9275

At the junction with the Lake Trail/Patch Hollow, continue straight on the Long Trail. Ahead, the route jogs left than right on and off a logging road.


Location: 43.48798, -72.925259

The LT passes a junction to the Minerva Hinchey shelter. Ahead the LT climbs a ridge above Spring Lake.


Location: 43.51118, -72.927418

The LT passes a westward overlook over an airport outside Rutland.


Location: 43.516709, -72.926279

Cross a dirt road; shortly ahead the LT crosses the Mill River and VT-103 before picking up a steep 600-foot climb to the Clarendon Lookout.


Location: 43.524166, -72.912964

The LT passes a junction to the Clarendon shelter. Heading east, the LT climbs 400 feet to the top of Beacon Hill, then continues east to cross Lottery Road.


Location: 43.53433, -72.873673

Cross a dirt road; shortly ahead the LT crosses a paved road (Cold River).


Location: 43.540789, -72.860782

Pass an overlook of the Gould Brook below. Shortly ahead the trail descends to and crosses the brook before following Sargent Brook up a mild grade. Note: the Gould Brook ford can be difficult in high water.


Location: 43.550154, -72.856948

Cross Upper Cold River Rd./VT-12.


Location: 43.557223, -72.852655

Cross Clement Shelter Rd; from here the LT continues uphill, paralleling the road en route the shelter proper. Before continuing past the shelter, consider that a 4-mile, 2,000-foot climb to Killington Mountain lies ahead.


Location: 43.589518, -72.817197

Pass the blue-blazed turn-off for Shrewsbury Peak and continue heading west, uphill (for another 300-feet) towards the summit of Little Killington.


Location: 43.605611, -72.822401

To continue downhill on the LT towards Cooper Lodge, bear left here. For an .5-mile out-and-back detour to the top of Killington Mountain, turn right.

Ahead the LT descends across the ridge saddle to Snowden Peak before continuing on below Rams Head as it follows contours to the northwest.


Location: 43.633598, -72.82994

At a saddle below Pico Peak, pass a turn-off for Pico Camp. Ahead the trail begins a steady 3-mile descent past the Churchill Scott shelter down to US-4.


Location: 43.646233, -72.852882

Pass the Churchill Scott shelter.


Location: 43.66657, -72.850057

Section 5 ends at US-4.

Killington Peak View

Location: 43.604619, -72.820344

A misty view from the second highest peak in Vermont.

Descending to Patch Hollow

Location: 43.476286, -72.933704

The Long Trail on the way down from Bear Mountain.

Minerva Hinchey Shelter

Location: 43.488015, -72.924779

Gap in the Trees

Location: 43.511211, -72.927461

A clearing in the tree cover affords a westward view worth pausing for.

Bob Bruggman Bridge

Location: 43.52124, -72.925217

Crossing the Mill River over a memorial bridge.

Clarendon Lookout

Location: 43.525526, -72.921967

Clarendon Shelter

Location: 43.523613, -72.912676

Governor Clement Shelter

Location: 43.564643, -72.8484

Heading up Little Killington

Location: 43.581774, -72.828018

Cooper Lodge

Location: 43.606038, -72.822746


Location: 43.666692, -72.84987

Section 6 begins on the north side of US-4, heading uphill to Willard Gap.


Location: 43.674684, -72.839236

At the Maine Junction, the Appalachian Trail splits from the Long Trail. Go left to continue on the LT.


Location: 43.679287, -72.843229

Pass the Tucker Johnson shelter.


Location: 43.71279, -72.861575

Pass Ralston Rest shelter/lean-to. Ahead, the LT makes a short ascent to a no-named ridge before continuing on a northwest track.


Location: 43.744639, -72.886549

Exit the woods and go right on a logging roadd and then shortly ahead go left at a junction with the VAST 75 Trail. Ahead, a brilliant view of Chittenden Reservoir comes into sight on your left.


Location: 43.759933, -72.901811

The trail curls into Telephone Gap briefly before crossing Billings Brook and beginning another short climb.


Location: 43.769234, -72.921195

Pass a junction with a trail heading downhill to the David Logan Hut. Ahead, the trail navigates the western slopes of Mount Carmel to head toward Wetmore Gap. Beyond that, the LT follows a contour around the eastern slopes of Bloodroot Mountain.


Location: 43.801934, -72.942676

From Bloodroot Gap, the LT continues tracing contour lines below the east face of Farr Peak.


Location: 43.825499, -72.944626

Cross a forest road as the LT begins descending to Brandon Gap.


Location: 43.832021, -72.960164

The LT passes the Sunrise shelter.


Location: 43.839851, -72.968445

Section 6 ends at Brandon Gap.

Chitten Reservoir View

Location: 43.745522, -72.887635


Location: 43.839734, -72.968383

From Brandon Gap, continue north on the Long Trail at the intersection with the Cliff Trail. Ahead, the trail makes a steep 600-foot climb up the southern face of The Great Cliff.


Location: 43.845332, -72.965099

Continue heading northwest on the Long Trail passing a .7-mile trail up to the summit of The Great Cliff (and a great view to the south across Brandon Gap). Ahead the trail begins a 4-mile ridgeline trek, connecting the summits s Mt. Horrid, Cape Lookout Mountain, Gillespie Peak, and Romance Mountain before heading down to the Sucker Brook shelter.

Note: A seasonal falcon nesting site, Great Cliff is sometimes closed to hikers.


Location: 43.892965, -72.971245

Pass a junction on the left to the Sucker Brook shelter (downhill). Ahead, the trail climbs the ridge of Worth Mountain.


Location: 43.927594, -72.960862

The LT reaches the top of (and begins descending through) the Middlebury Snowbowl ski area.


Location: 43.937158, -72.95028

At Middlebury Gap, the LT crosses VT-125 and begins a steep climb up the ridge of Burnt Hill.


Location: 43.93777, -72.946134

Continue on the LT, passing a junction with the Great Cliff Trail.


Location: 43.959385, -72.944845

Continue on the LT past a junction with the Burnt Hill Trail.


Location: 43.96675, -72.94775

The LT passes the Boyce Shelter and continues north up Boyce Mountain.


Location: 43.988575, -72.937358

Just past the summit of Battell Mountain, the LT passes a junction down to Skyline Lodge.


Location: 44.001027, -72.939735

Just past the summit of Bread Loaf, the LT jogs bag east down to a saddle below Mt. Wilson.

Here a worthwhile spur trail continues northwest for .1 mile to an overlook to the west.


Location: 44.001445, -72.932199

At the Emily Proctor Shelter, the LT continues heading east from behind the shelter up the slopes of Mt Wilson (following white blazes). Another trail heads north downhill--this is not the LT. If you see blue blazes, you went the wrong way.

From here to the Cooley Glen shelter it's another 4.5 miles over short but strenuous climbs of Mt. Wilson, Mt. Roosevelt, and Mt. Cleveland.


Location: 44.049785, -72.91375

Section 7 ends at the Cooley Glen Shelter.

Mossy Trail

Location: 43.858148, -72.972948

Long Trail Drainage

Location: 43.911305, -72.963521

The LT acts as drainage on the way down from Worth Mountain.

Snowbowl Meadow

Location: 43.934312, -72.95392

The LT cuts through an open field/ski trail in the Middlebury Snowbowl.

Snowbowl Climb

Location: 43.934833, -72.953222

A short steep climb in the Snowbowl, just before Middlebury Gap.

Descending Boyce

Location: 43.974719, -72.940721

The rugged descent from Boyce Mountain

Skyline Lodge

Location: 43.98712, -72.936577


Location: 44.049785, -72.91375

Section 8 starts from the Cooley Glen shelter and begins an immediate .8 mi, 500-foot ascent of Mt. Grant.


Location: 44.052002, -72.92583

Mt. Grant: A summit overlook offers views south of the Breadloaf Wilderness. Continue on the LT heading north on the descent down to Lincoln Gap.


Location: 44.087924, -72.927611

About a mile before Lincoln Gap, keep an eye out for the Sunset Ledge overlook (which offers broad views to the west).


Location: 44.094921, -72.928287

Use caution crossing Lincoln Gap: ahead the LT begins a 1.7-mile, 1,600-foot climb of Mount Abraham.


Location: 44.120409, -72.936237

Mount Abraham: Enjoy 360-degree, top-of-the-world views from one of the LT's best overlooks. A stonewall offers relief from wind if necessary. Continuing across the top of the ridge to Lincoln Peak, use caution to stay on trail in this above-treeline, alpine plant environment.


Location: 44.111785, -72.936855

About 750 feet below the Mt. Abraham summit, the LT passes the Battell Shelter. Ahead, the trail begins its approach to "Mt. Abe." Expect some steep ledge scrambles (tough in wet weather).


Location: 44.12709, -72.928705

Arrive at the Lincoln Peak summit above the Sugarbush Ski Resort. The LT continues north along the ridgeline .


Location: 44.160188, -72.928859

At the top of Mt. Ellen, the LT pops out onto Suguarbush ski slopes, heads left for 150 feet left and re-enters the woods at an unmarked cairn.


Location: 44.179594, -72.930233

Passing the junction with the Jerusalem Trail, the LT continues up the ridgeline towards Stark Mountain. Just ahead the LT meets a junction downhill to the Glen Ellen Lodge.


Location: 44.19159, -72.93097

The LT pops out onto Mad River ski slopes, turn lefts, cross under single chair. Here the trail passes Stark's Nest, a warming hut for skiers where camping is allowed. There is an outhouse, but no easily accessible water, but the hut is often stocked with water by the ski patrol. Continue northwest down a steep descent to the Theron Dean shelter.


Location: 44.198441, -72.935509

Here the LT passes the Theron Dean shelter. From here the route picks up a steep descent to Appalachian Gap.


Location: 44.211293, -72.931379

The LT crosses VT-17 at Appalachian (App) Gap. The LT continues north just down the road at waypoint 113.


Location: 44.210902, -72.930611

The LT re-enters the woods and begins a steep climb up a two-tiered climb up Baby Stark and Molly Stark Mountain. This climb is one of the steepest, stretches on the LT. Ahead, the LT passes a junction with the Overlook Trail.


Location: 44.225163, -72.925326

Just past the summit of Molly Stark Mountain, reach Molly Stark's Balcony, an overlook that offers great views of Camel's Hump to the north/northeast. From here it's a short descent to Birch Glen Camp, the end of section 8.


Location: 44.23659, -72.930078

Section 8 ends at Birch Glen Camp.

Stark's Nest

Location: 44.19159, -72.931108

Sugarbush Signs

Location: 44.140919, -72.927461

Ski Trail Trail

Location: 44.141674, -72.927525

The LT cuts through the upper reaches of Sugarbush

Mad River Glen's Single Chair

Location: 44.191621, -72.930851

The Realm of the Hump

Location: 44.211251, -72.93145


Location: 44.236663, -72.929879

Section 9 departs northeast from Birch Glen Camp heading toward Huntington Gap.


Location: 44.240892, -72.909341

The LT crosses Huntington Gap and also the Catamount Trail.


Location: 44.25456, -72.905827

The LT passes the Cowles Cove shelter.


Location: 44.262763, -72.897048

The LT passes the Hedgehog Trail. Ahead, the climb up Burnt Rock Mountain gets steep with a few scrambling sections.


Location: 44.267714, -72.895918

Burnt Rock Mountain: Enjoy views north of Ira and Ethan Allen as well as Camel's Hump. The LT is about to head up all three. Ahead, the LT drops off Burnt Rock via a trail ladder before making a steady ascent of the east slopes of Ira Allen up the "Paris Skidway."


Location: 44.300887, -72.879522

The LT meets the Allis Trail and turns left to continue towards the Montclair Glen Lodge and then then Wind Gap.


Location: 44.293875, -72.883859

Mount Ethan Allen: Enjoy the overlook to the east. Ahead, the LT descends north to Wind Gap before the steep climb up Camels Hump.


Location: 44.303479, -72.882426

The LT passes a junction for the Forest City Trail; ahead at Wind Gap, the trail jogs west then east to begin clambering up the southern face of Camels Hump.


Location: 44.318861, -72.887004

The LT meets a bad weather bypass option (the yellow-blazed Alpine Trail) which leads around the Jump to rejoin the LT heading north. Ahead, the LT skirts below th southern face of the hump and climbs the more manageable (but exposed) rocks on the south/west side.


Location: 44.319551, -72.886335

Camels Hump: Great views abound from the summit--Mt. Mansfield to the north, Mt. Washington to the east, Mt. Marcy (and other Adirondacks) to the west. The LT continues north across the exposed rock summit area; use caution not to disturb the sensitive alpine plants in this area.


Location: 44.321994, -72.885498

Continue through Camel's Hump Clearing, the site of an old 19th century mountain lodge. from here, the LT begins a steady descent off the Hump on an exposed ridgeline (one of only a few on the entire LT).


Location: 44.32907, -72.87918

The LT meets up again with the Alpine Trail (the bad weather bypass around the Hump summit).


Location: 44.349474, -72.864935

The LT passes the Bamforth Ridge shelter. Here, the descent mellows and the trail soon widens.


Location: 44.361841, -72.87656

The LT turns north to descend through a drainage. Here there is access to the Gleason Brook. Ahead the trail crosses over the Brook via a bridge before finishing the descent.


Location: 44.369202, -72.879408

Here the LT meets Duxbury Road. Turn left to continue continue 3.2 miles to Cochran Road. There, turn right, walk across the Jonesville Bridge, across US-2, under I-89, and continue north for about .3 mi to re-enter the woods at waypoint 131.


Location: 44.388839, -72.933576

Just before the powerlines, the LT heads back into the woods on the right side of the road.


Location: 44.39123, -72.91832

The LT passes a junction to the Duck Brook shelter. Ahead, follow and old forest road, cross a stream, and then leave the old road, following white blazes along the way. As the trail climbs ahead, it reaches a trio of valley overlooks. As soon as the LT tops out its climb of the ridge, it turns east to descend to Bolton Notch Road.


Location: 44.417972, -72.897446

Cross Bolton Notch Road and continue east on a steady climb. After about 800 feet of climging, the LT turns north up the spine of the ridge, offering a few views west to Lake Champlain.


Location: 44.429967, -72.88294

After turning east, the LT passes a junction to an overlook point.


Location: 44.430768, -72.876227

The LT arrives at a junction to Buchanan Shelter, a good place to spend the night before the climb up to Bolton Mountain.

Sidehill Scramble

Location: 44.319548, -72.887579

Managing exposed sidehill slab on Camels Hump

Cowles Cove Shelter

Location: 44.254562, -72.905809

Climbing Burnt Rock

Location: 44.265528, -72.895622

Blazes on Burnt Rock

Location: 44.266092, -72.895392

The LT's white blazes are painted on the bare rock on the way up Burnt Rock.

Trail Ladder

Location: 44.272154, -72.895832

Dropping down a trail ladder into Ladder Ravine

Ethan Allen Overlook

Location: 44.294369, -72.883511

Montclair Glen Lodge

Location: 44.301247, -72.8827

Up the Hump

Location: 44.306348, -72.882669

Steep rock scrambles are the name of the game.

Hump Ahead

Location: 44.307335, -72.883171

The prominent summit is present throughout the climb.

The Final Push

Location: 44.319371, -72.886776

Approaching the Camels Hump summit

Views on the Descent

Location: 44.329374, -72.878838

The descent from Camels Hump offers great views as well

Hump Cairns

Location: 44.330366, -72.878692

Cairns marking the route down from Camels Hump

Steep Roots

Location: 44.359957, -72.868681

The descent down towards Bolton steepens here.

The Long Trail in Green

Location: 44.361018, -72.868168

LT Overlook

Location: 44.398694, -72.912363


Location: 44.430768, -72.876227

Enjoy the morning view from an overlook by Buchanan Shelter and then continue hiking northeast on the LT. Ahead, the trail passes another overlook (the Harrington viewpoint). Ahead, the LT makes an ascent to Bolton Mountain over a rugged up-and-down route.


Location: 44.44275, -72.84354

Near a saddle below Bolton, continue on the LT past the Ravens Wind Trail. Ahead the LT climbs steeply to the Bolton summit before descending off the east face on a beautiful ridgeline towards the wooded summit of Mount Mayo.


Location: 44.453694, -72.83882

The LT descends a steep rooty and rocky descent past the Puffer Shelter.


Location: 44.484917, -72.827382

The LT passes a junction to the Taylor Lodge and then jogs back northwest to continue past Nebraska Notch.


Location: 44.486704, -72.833351

The LT passes a junction with the Clara Bow trail. Ahead the trail crosses then parallels Clay Brook (and its beaver dams).


Location: 44.488639, -72.836659

Pass a junction with the Nebraska Notch trail; ahead the LT skirts the western slopes of Dewey Mountain.


Location: 44.502506, -72.828335

Pass the Twin Brooks tenting area. From here, the 3.4-mile climb to Mansfield begins at a gradual grade.


Location: 44.513782, -72.81949

Pass a junction to the Butler Lodge and a bad weather Forehead Bypass to the Mansfield summit. From here the route to Mansfield becomes much steeper with rocky corners to clamber around, high exposure, and several trail ladders.


Location: 44.515119, -72.817565

Pass a junction with the Wampahoofus Trail; ahead continue climbing steeply to the Forehead.


Location: 44.520565, -72.818855

Reach the top of the Forehead, Mount Mansfield's southernmost peak. Here also, the route meets the Wampahoofus Trail.


Location: 44.524835, -72.81636

Continue north bearing left on an access road (the Mount Mansfield Summit Station is to the right). Shortly ahead the trail heads back into the woods on the right towards the Visitors Center.


Location: 44.527929, -72.815617

Continue north past the Mount Mansfield Visitor Center. From here, continue north along the open spine of the ridge as the LT climbs a few more hundred feet to the true summit of Mansfield. The LT passes the Halfway House trail here (which descends through Underhill State Park).

Ahead, take care to stay off the alpine tundra that dots the open rock trail.


Location: 44.529668, -72.817197

Pass the North Canyon trail.


Location: 44.535389, -72.817664

Pass the Subway Trail and continue north.


Location: 44.543933, -72.814636

Mount Mansfield (4,395): At the highest point on the Long Trail, views expand in every direction. Look east to Mount Washington and other White Mountain peaks, west to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, and south over the ridge of Green Mountain peaks the LT has already scaled. Closer in to the northeast, spot the "Adams Apple," a neighboring peak of the Mansfield summit (sometimes called "The Chin"). The LT continues in that direction.

At this point, the route scrambles down an extremely exposed section to the junction with the Hell Brook Trail.


Location: 44.545619, -72.811766

Pass the junction with the Hell Brook Trail and continue descending Mansfield's eastern slopes.


Location: 44.543081, -72.809984

Pass the turn off for the Taft Lodge.


Location: 44.537204, -72.790818

At VT-108, turn left and head north on the road a short distance to a Smuggler's Notch parking area (on right).


Location: 44.539473, -72.791258

The LT re-enters the woods heading southeast before jogging back north to begin a steep, relentless, 1,600-foot climb up Spruce Peak and then continuing on up Madonna Peak.


Location: 44.553272, -72.792588

Above Smugglers Notch, The LT swings east around the upper contours of Spruce Peak. Here the trail passes a junction to the Elephant Head Lookout (closed during Peregrine Falcon mating season).


Location: 44.552308, -72.781169

Turn left at a junction with the Smugglers Notch ski trail.


Location: 44.555611, -72.777958

Continue straight past the junction with the Sterling Pond Trail; the LT skirts the pond just ahead.


Location: 44.556892, -72.772779

Pass the Sterling Pond shelter. Ahead, the LT crosses a ski trail as it scales the western slopes of Madonna Peak.


Location: 44.561524, -72.758696

Reach the warming hut at the top of Smugglers Notch Resort (also the summit of Madonna Peak). Continue heading east/northeast on the Chilcoot Ski Trail.


Location: 44.559301, -72.759855

Turn left on the ski trail to continue up to Madonna Peak.


Location: 44.5636, -72.756184

Here the LT leaves the ski trail and heads north into the woods on a descent to Chilcoot Pass. Ahead the route crosses the ski trail one more time before reaching the pass and then climbing Morse Mountain.


Location: 44.573807, -72.752754

Below the summit of Morse Mountain, come to the Hagerman Overlook of Mount Mansfield (back southwest).


Location: 44.578802, -72.740903

The LT comes to the Whiteface Shelter before turning left up a steep 200-foot climb of Whiteface Mountain (the last ascent of the section).


Location: 44.582356, -72.740024

At the wooded summit of Whiteface a spur trail leads to a few viewpoints. The LT continues northwest, descending from the summit before curling east to continue downhill.


Location: 44.603377, -72.717526

Pass the Bear Hollow shelter; from here, the trail becomes a wide path.


Location: 44.620926, -72.72295

Exit the woods and turn right onto the logging road (which becomes gravel ahead).


Location: 44.641716, -72.721694

Just before reaching Ithiel Falls, turn left on the Rail Trail to head west.


Location: 44.642829, -72.729107

Turn right to head north off the Rail Trail through an open field towards VT-15.


Location: 44.64503, -72.728226

Section 10 ends at a parking area on VT-15.

View from Bolton Mountain

Location: 44.439742, -72.849337

Pausing at an overlook of the Green Mountains on the climb up Bolton Mountain.

Mansfield View

Location: 44.450119, -72.836661

Looking north to the exposed summit of Mount Mansfield

The Puffer Shelter

Location: 44.453901, -72.838892

Descending from Bolton

Location: 44.454902, -72.838921

The LT gets burly in Section 10

Across the Saddle

Location: 44.457644, -72.837354

Crossing the saddle between Bolton Mountain and Mount Mayo

Descending Mayo

Location: 44.462715, -72.838499

Views north through the trees on the way down Mount Mayo

Trail Ladder

Location: 44.478442, -72.836266

Descending a trail ladder on the eastern face of Mount Clark

Beaver Pond Crossing

Location: 44.482851, -72.83476

Taylor Lodge

Location: 44.484933, -72.826738

Named for the founder of the Green Mountain Club, the Taylor Lodge offers thru-hikers a front porch with a view.

Crossing Clay Brook

Location: 44.486994, -72.835042

Up and up

Location: 44.515672, -72.817947

A trail ladder aids in the steep climb up the Forehead.

Above Treeline

Location: 44.5174, -72.817994

The LT enters above treeline terrain for an extended period on the route up Mount Mansfield.

The Forehead

Location: 44.521187, -72.818085

The southernmost peak of Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield Visitor Center

Location: 44.527996, -72.815666

Lake Champlain View

Location: 44.530111, -72.817339

Looking west over the Champlain Valley to its namesake body of water.

Exposed on Mansfield

Location: 44.537106, -72.817212

The approach to the true summit of Mansfield (the Chin) is wide open.

White Blazes on Mansfield

Location: 44.541757, -72.815734

Continue following white blazes painted onto the rocks atop Mount Mansfield. Ahead the LT skirts the Stowe Mountain ski area on the descent down to Mountain Road/VT-108.

The Exposed Summit

Location: 44.544872, -72.813876

Looking down the exposed summit of Mount Mansfield

Slippery When Wet

Location: 44.54432, -72.811

Trail Register

Location: 44.539036, -72.79072

Sterling Pond

Location: 44.556557, -72.776411

Ski Trail Hiking

Location: 44.561677, -72.758232

Chilcoot Pass

Location: 44.569812, -72.753457

Hagerman Overlook

Location: 44.5739, -72.752667

Looking back to Mount Mansfield

Sterling Pond Shelter Map

Location: 44.556778, -72.772708

Bear Hollow Shelter

Location: 44.603241, -72.717133

The Gravel Long Trail

Location: 44.629035, -72.724372

Rail Trail

Location: 44.641642, -72.722741


Location: 44.644964, -72.728205

From the parking area on VT-15 head northwest towards the Lamoille River; ahead, a ladder aids in the descent down to the river. Cross the river and then begin the climb to Prospect Rock.


Location: 44.655003, -72.723144

After a steep 200-foot climb, reach the top of Prospect Rock, which affords a nice view of the Lamoille River Valley to the south.


Location: 44.657728, -72.721428

Reach the parking lot and turn left on Prospect Rock Rd; shortly ahead, the trail re-enters the woods on the right and begins a moderate climb up Roundtop before descending past the Roundtop Shelter.


Location: 44.681342, -72.719376

Cross Plot Road and continue climbing.


Location: 44.707751, -72.711378

Cross Codding Hollow Road and begin a steep 1,000-foot climb up Laraway Mountain. Just before the top of the climb you'll reach the Laraway Lookout (with sweeping views to the southeast.


Location: 44.725919, -72.711926

From the top of Laraway, continue down the east ridge on a gradual descent. Further on, the LT drops down steeper contours to a forest road.


Location: 44.706295, -72.684426

Continue on the LT past Corliss Camp and begin a short climb up Butternut Mountain.


Location: 44.722175, -72.654821

Cross Basin Brook and follow blazes as the LT follows a few forest roads to a gravel road. Follow the gravel road for .2 mi and then turn right back into the woods to climb the north slope of Bowen Mountain.


Location: 44.724489, -72.635906

Head northeast on the LT atop the ridge of Bowen Mountain. Ahead the LT descends to Spruce Ledge Camp.


Location: 44.745429, -72.611428

Reach a junction with a Spruce Ledge Camp; the LT continues descending here soon curling east to navigate boulder obstacles in Devil's Gulch.


Location: 44.748812, -72.602798

West of Ritterbush Pond, pass a junction for the Babcock Trail. Ahead, the LT climbs north away from the pond.


Location: 44.76385, -72.586754

Cross VT-118 and begin the 1,800-foot climb up Belvidere Mountain.


Location: 44.774073, -72.553286

At the saddle below the bummit of Belvidere, reach a 4-way junction with the Foresters Trail. Turn left to descend from Belvidere on the LT.


Location: 44.799622, -72.550964

Section 11 ends amongst beaver dams at Tillotson Camp.

Laraway Lookout

Location: 44.72516, -72.716681

Pausing at the Laraway Lookout Perch

Crossing the Lamoille

Location: 44.651314, -72.72902

Prospect Rock View

Location: 44.6551, -72.72327

The Lamoille River Valley from Prospect Rock

Green Mountain Vista

Location: 44.672682, -72.726402

Tiny Cascade

Location: 44.701901, -72.718572

In the Ferns

Location: 44.705579, -72.715899

Laraway Lookout View

Location: 44.724997, -72.716961

Corliss Camp Junction

Location: 44.706066, -72.68424

A Fern Path on the LT

Location: 44.709405, -72.661646

Bowen's South Summit

Location: 44.724418, -72.635593

Side Trail to Spruce Ledge

Location: 44.745255, -72.610651

Devils Gulch Scrambling

Location: 44.745973, -72.607741

Boulder Squeeze

Location: 44.745711, -72.606552

A tight pass in Devil's Gulch

Gulch Roots

Location: 44.746292, -72.605829

Enormous roots add to the navigation challenge of Devil's Gulch.

Belvidere Lookout

Location: 44.776452, -72.555707

Tillotson Camp Junction

Location: 44.799622, -72.551651


Location: 44.799111, -72.55096

Section 12 begins heading north/northeast from the Tillotson Camp. Ahead the trail ascends Tillotson Peak and then Haystack Mountain.


Location: 44.823978, -72.538605

Summit Haystack Mountain and pass a junction with the Haystack Summit Trail. Ahead the LT descends to Hazens Notch.


Location: 44.841374, -72.52505

Cross VT-58 and continue as the LT jogs west before turning back east to climb Sugarloaf Mountain.


Location: 44.849711, -72.515125

Pass a junction with a side trail to the Hazens Notch Camp. Ahead, the LT climbs Buchanan Mountain.


Location: 44.878787, -72.509985

Reach the summit of Buchanan Mountain; just ahead, the LT passes an overlook atop Chet's Lookout, a small boulder that affords views to the north. Ahead the LT descends to a saddle before climbing Domey's Dome and Gilpin Mountain, two summits along the same ridgeline.


Location: 44.903805, -72.496818

Reach the top of Gilpin Mountain, then begin descending to VT-242


Location: 44.912665, -72.504141

Cross VT-242; just ahead the LT meets a junction to Jay Camp (to the left).


Location: 44.913762, -72.510253

From Jay Camp, ascend to the north end of the Jay Loop and then continue northwest on the LT heading up Jay Peak (a 1.6-mile, 1500-foot climb). Near the top of the climb, the LT criss-crosses ski trails before the summit.


Location: 44.924013, -72.525412

Jay Peak (3,858'): Enjoy views in all directions from the top: Big and Little Jay are to the northwest. Descend following white marks down slope. At a T-junction ahead, worm through the snow fence to continue. This section is not currently marked.


Location: 44.937237, -72.534765

The LT passes the Laura Woodward shelter. Ahead the trail climbs to skirt the summit of North Jay before continuing northeast.


Location: 44.969649, -72.511694

The LT arrives at the Shooting Star shelter, and then continues heading northeast from behind the shelter (not well marked).


Location: 44.97567, -72.508159

Reach the summit of Burnt Mountain; then walk northeast along the top of the ridge before descending northwest to VT-105.


Location: 44.986874, -72.504301

Cross VT-105 and then begin climbing Carleton Mountain.


Location: 44.992066, -72.492201

Summit Carleton Mountain; pause at the overlook or continue northeast on the LT. Ahead the trail begins its final descent.


Location: 45.008666, -72.488187

The LT skirts the U.S./Canadian border before turning east for its final stretch.


Location: 45.004342, -72.466663

The LT passes a junction to Journey's End Camp.


Location: 45.002394, -72.465963

The LT ends at a trailhead/parking lot on Journey's End Road.

Views from Jay Peak

Location: 44.922817, -72.524266

Looking south from Jay Peak

Tillotson Camp Junction

Location: 44.799906, -72.551454

Chet's Lookout

Location: 44.880979, -72.506673

An overlook atop Buchanan Mountain

Domey's Dome

Location: 44.891634, -72.499509

Long Trail at Dusk

Location: 44.90902, -72.501312

Scrambling up Jay

Location: 44.922645, -72.5243

On top of Jay

Location: 44.923454, -72.524956

Laura Woodward Shelter

Location: 44.937071, -72.534875

Shooting Start Shelter

Location: 44.969717, -72.511654

Through the Ferns

Location: 44.99255, -72.498686

Latitude 45

Location: 45.002926, -72.489683

The LT passes through the mid-way point between the equator and the north pole.

Border Obelisk

Location: 45.008809, -72.488179

An obelisk marking the U.S./Canadian border

Long Trail Register

Location: 45.003599, -72.466189

A trail register at the north end of the Long Trail.