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Limit Pusher Skills

Always looking for a way to go farther and faster? Get ready with these tips to take your hiking to the next level.

Conquer Tough Terrain 

Terrain extremes require specialized techniques. Learn these first.

Stay Fueled

Avoid bonking by consuming enough of the right foods on big days.

Prep for the Hike of Your Life

Going big? Push yourself with these muscle and mind-over-matter training tips.

Body: Increase weekly mileage and, two weeks pretrip, hike a long day (80 percent of your trip’s longest). Wear your planned footwear to toughen blister-prone skin.
Mind: Set short-term goals so you can celebrate regularly on-trail. Reward yourself (with a favorite snack or a short restbreak) after every success.

Body: Boost cardio and quad strength by running hill repeats, up and down stairs, or by using a treadmill’s incline mode for 30 minutes two to three times a week.
Mind: Climbs may look bigger when you’re fatigued or grumpy. Stay energized (see below) and train your eyes on the terrain directly in front of you, not a hill’s apex.

Body: Improve balance and descent-control with twice-weekly ab and lower-body strength training. Include squats, stepups, and walking lunges (with a pack).
Mind: Altitude can zap appetite, drive, and judgment. Set a schedule to stay on track: Eat and drink hourly, limit breaks to 10 minutes, plan a firm turn-around time.