Lightweight Backpacking Workshop - Backpacker

Lightweight Backpacking Workshop

Publish date:

Group: Arizona Hiking Shack

When: Saturday, September 16, 4–6 pm

Where: Arizona Hiking Shack

Cost: $10


Foundational course in lightweight techniques with an assessment of how you can go lighter with backpacking aficionado and gear specialist Johnny "Packman" Mincks. Covering essential information on lightweight gear, safety, skills and lightweight gear on a budget.

Cost is $10 (Call to reserve your spot). Minimum class size is 4 (Must be paid in advance to reserve a spot. Class may be cancelled if minimum has not been met.).

Workshop includes:
Lightweight concepts
Safety and desert backpacking requirements
Hands on skill primer
Equipment comparison & assessment
Comprehensive guide to lightweight gear on a budget

Focused on the desert environment, these techniques translate easily to any 3 season backpakin. Packman will assess a selection of your gear and offer suggestions on how to lighten the load without lightening your wallet.

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