Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park: Twin Lakes

Ramble 8 miles out-and-back along a chain of shimmering lakes and enjoy a refreshing midsummer swim beneath the park's centerpiece, Lassen Peak.

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.4



Location: 40.4942092895508, -121.424301147461

Head E, wrapping N around Summit Lake’s glassy reflection


Location: 40.4936714172363, -121.421501159668

L @ 3-way, climbing E from Summit Lake. To the W, snowcapped Lassen Peak rises above the conical treetops


Location: 40.4966583251953, -121.407501220703

R @ Y to Echo Lake along path lined with dense conifers


Location: 40.4996490478516, -121.400573730469

Slight ascent before dropping into Echo Lake basin


Location: 40.4983901977539, -121.393997192383

Take a break at N end of Echo Lake for some private backcountry swimming, then turn L and follow the eastern shoreline, which is blanketed with lush, green growth that’s reflected in the water


Location: 40.4966506958008, -121.384902954102

Pass N side of tiny pond tucked into a semi-steep cove


Location: 40.5013084411621, -121.380897521973

Briefly skirt S long shore of narrow, unnamed pond


Location: 40.5015106201172, -121.375099182129

Reach peaceful W shore of Upper Twin Lake; turn L @ 3-way bearing N


Location: 40.5041198730469, -121.369903564453

Grab lunch on the isthmus between Upper and Lower Twin Lakes while taking in views S of Crater Butte’s half-knob dome; retrace route to car