Las Vegas: The Strip (Copy)

This 8.3-mile loop wins big for its endless slots, splashy waterfalls, huge buttes, incredible stars--even lions, and yeah, a few unmentionables, too.

-Mapped by Bob Wold and Kris Wagner

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 13.4



Location: 36.114262, -115.172501

Note: Pace yourself and stay hydrated. This night- time hike is exhausting, possibly expensive, and dangerous for untrained amateurs. Bally's trailhead: Turn N on main Strip, leaving the two 26-story rock towers

Pink Flamingos

Location: 36.11525, -115.171104

These are the largest flamingo feathers East of the Mississippi.
© Bob Wold


Location: 36.118771, -115.172302

Pink flamingos flock near clear pools and palms of Harrah Valley. Stay N


Location: 36.121761, -115.171402

Gigantic Venetian butte dominates the technicolor skyline

Venetian Butte

Location: 36.121658, -115.171181

Venetian butte and Phantom tower © Kris Wagner

Mirage Butte

Location: 36.123932, -115.169884

Careful: Hallucinations are common near Mirage Butte.
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.125172, -115.168999

Easy climb through trees. Ahead, several milky waterfalls burst from the dark walls of the Wynn monument

Wynn Falls

Location: 36.126625, -115.167229

A multi-tier waterfall near Wynn monument
© Kris Wagner

Falling Stars

Location: 36.134098, -115.164467

Look closely for Stardust.
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.13472, -115.163101

Trail enters the Riviera, a curved plateau streaked with fallen stars


Location: 36.146118, -115.155701

Cross Las Vegas Blvd. to the Stratosphere, tallest "tower" W of the Mississippi. BASE jumpers sometimes dive its 1,149 ft. From here, swing S on Strip


Location: 36.12521, -115.1698

The next 1.9 mi. is a lonely stretch past a wild circus, countless slots, and through The Frontier where signs advertise 10-gallon hats and bikini mud wrestling. At waterfront, stop at shipwreck off Treasure Island

Lonely Road

Location: 36.129173, -115.166451

The Frontier can be a lonely place for hikers. © Bob Wold

The Frontier

Location: 36.128639, -115.16787

Lots of cowboy hats and slots
© Kris Wagner

Easy Descent

Location: 36.125629, -115.169533

These descents are easy on the knees. © Al Wold

Treasure Island

Location: 36.125023, -115.170341

Look for a shipwreck off of Treasure Island.
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.117748, -115.173203

Volcanoes boom above as trail leads into marble amphitheater big enough for Caesar's army


Location: 36.117916, -115.173256

One of many beautiful pools in the Caesar amphitheater. © Kris Wagner


Location: 36.118, -115.173508

A trio of fountains
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.114342, -115.173698

Always faithful: Geysers of the Bellagio blow as high as 240 ft. every 30 min. More monster buttes and peaks ahead

Always Faithful

Location: 36.11409, -115.17334

The Belliagio geysers shoot up 240 feet. © Kris Wagner


Location: 36.1007, -115.1735

On R, see white castle said to be haunted by wizards and dragons. Pass famed Las Vegas sign

Castle Tops

Location: 36.1007, -115.173592

Colorful castle tops in the distance
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.100719, -115.169601

Be wary of rare species flaunting showy feathers--and more. Cross street near Tropicana; swing N. Caution: Watch for lions


Location: 36.11198, -115.1726

Path runs by stone skyscrapers and pointy towers with European flair. Close loop @ trailhead

Is This Paris?

Location: 36.111927, -115.172264

More pools with European landmarks in the backdrop.
© Kris Wagner


Location: 36.114113, -115.172073

Optional: Hikers can cruise on the neon tunnel across The Strip. © Bob Wold

Point A

Location: 36.108201, -115.173068

Point B

Location: 36.127269, -115.168025