Knoxville Trails

Knoxville, TN: Holston & Tennessee River Canoe Trail

Float under a peregrine falcon nest and paddle past several islands to the Tennessee River on this 4.5-mile trip through the heart of downtown.

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-Mapped by Stephen Wilkinson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.2



Location: 35.9775085449219, -83.8591384887695

Put in from canoe launch @ N end of Holston River Park


Location: 35.9722099304199, -83.8567962646484

Continue S down slim, wooded channel of Holston River between Boyd Island and Marble Hill


Location: 35.9683609008789, -83.852783203125

Pass bridge access to Boyd Island


Location: 35.9656105041504, -83.8511962890625

Enter main channel of Fort Loudon Lake; watch for surface traffic: barges, kayakers, maybe people fishing for dinner


Location: 35.9601402282715, -83.8505096435547

Reach Three Rivers area, where a nesting pair of peregrine falcons hang near the French Broad?Holston River confluence. Stay river right where channel widens


Location: 35.957218170166, -83.863166809082

Swing boat river left and head up to Island Park near Will Skelton Parkway. Taller bluffs on this side of river


Location: 35.9583511352539, -83.8646087646484

Peer into sandstone cave, and then take hard L around small mid-river islet into side channel. Pass S end of airport on Dickinson Island


Location: 35.9617614746094, -83.8832626342774

Beach @ Island Home Park. Check out sailplanes over Downtown Island Airport, then cross river (watch out for tugboats)


Location: 35.9626007080078, -83.8907470703125

Mouth of Williams Creek


Location: 35.9627685546875, -83.8969268798828

Take out @ riverside landing park, just under James White Parkway Bridge. Pick up shuttle