Kenai Fjords National Park: Exit Glacier Loop

Hike to the edge of the Exit Glacier on this memorable, 2-mile loop in Kenai Fjords National Park.

Located 12 miles northwest of Seward, Exit Glacier is the only part of Kenai Fjords National Park accessible by road. This short, 2-mile loop starts at the Nature Center parking area and climbs gradually to the edge of the glacier.
From the trailhead, the well-maintained path travels south. After 0.3 mile, the route curves to the southwest and passes views of the Resurrection River. Roughly 300 yards later, stop at Glacier View, a wheelchair-accessible vantage point overlooking Exit Glacier. Look through the telescope and read the interpretive signs before continuing the hike.
From Glacier View, hike west 1,000 feet to a T-junction and turn left. The route climbs gradually for another half a mile to an overlook at the edge of the glacier. Take in the views of this massive sheet of ice, then turn around for the return trip to the trailhead.
MORE PARK INFO: Kenai Fjords National Park, (907) 224-7500;
-Mapped by Kim Phillips and Matt Vellone

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 3.2



Location: 60.188623, -149.63197

The trail starts from the Exit Glacier Nature Center parking area. Hike south.


Location: 60.185054, -149.628452

The trail curves to the right, heading southwest past views of the Resurrection River.


Location: 60.184038, -149.632405

Glacier View: This wheelchair accessible viewpoint showcases panoramic views of Exit Glacier. Several interpretive signs and a telescope are also located here.


Location: 60.184926, -149.637099

Turn left @ T-junction. The trail on the right leads back to the parking area.


Location: 60.18415, -149.637705

Turn right @ Y-junction.


Location: 60.183479, -149.63891

Cross a bridge.


Location: 60.183088, -149.639454

Turn left @ T-junction.


Location: 60.182806, -149.639143

Turn right @ 3-way.


Location: 60.181723, -149.640183

From this vantage point, views extend across the river to the Kenai Mountains.


Location: 60.181611, -149.642297

Turn left @ 3-way junction.


Location: 60.180416, -149.643509

Exit Glacier: This overlook at the edge of the glacier offers up-close views of striking blue ice. Next, turn around and return to Waypoint 4; continue straight at this junction to return to the parking area.

Exit Glacier

Location: 60.180416, -149.643284

View from Glacier View

Location: 60.184049, -149.632303

Exit Glacier

Location: 60.184065, -149.632341

Trail Views

Location: 60.181728, -149.640065

Exit Glacier

Location: 60.180416, -149.643402