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Searching for the Snow Leopard

Publish date:

Group: Adventure photographer Joel Caldwell

When: Thursday, August 24, 6–8 pm

Where: Filson NYC

Cost: Free


This past March, photographer Joel Caldwell accompanied National Geographic Explorer and conservation biologist Tanya Rosen along Tajikistan's ancient Silk Road to document the controversial use of trophy hunting in snow leopard conservation. Listen to Joel's story of snow leopard conservation in "the Rooftop of the World"—traveling deep into the Pamir Mountains, skiing alongside rangers mounted on yaks, driving through blizzards along the Afghan border, and pursuing herds of wild ungulates in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard.

Joel Caldwell is an expedition photographer and writer based in New York. He uses outdoor adventure to tell conservation stories to a wider audience. @Joelwcaldwell

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