Meet Jason Cleghorn, Backpacker's Phoenix Trail Scout

Our southwest trail expert explains what makes Arizona's hiking scene so great.
jason cleghorn

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Age: 41

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Day job: Community development coordinator

All-time favorite local dayhike: Peak 3465- Hieroglyphic Mountains (Phoenix); Abineau-Bear Jaw Loop in Flagstaff, AZ

Favorite local overnight hike: Peralta to Charlebois Spring or Kendrick Peak in Flagstaff, AZ

Best pre-hike breakfast spot: Dunkin Donuts

Best post-hike dinner spot: In N Out Burger

Favorite thing about hiking around Phoenix: The diversity of the geology. Phoenix has so many different types of rock! 

Top tip for Phoenix hikers: Carry more water than you need and if you have consumed more than half of your water with more than half of your hike left, turn around. Don't rely on springs unless you are 100% that they have water.