Indianapolis, IN: Eagle Creek Loop

On this easy 6-mile loop, you'll cross Eagle Creek Reservoir on a scenic causeway, wander lovely woods, and catch views from a waterfront lookout.
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Mapped by Swati Gunale

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.7



Location: 39.8555297851562, -86.2935104370117

Cross Eagle Creek Pkwy. and follow trail heading W. In next 500 ft., pass trail marker MS and cross Eagle Beach Dr. Stay straight on path where side trails enter


Location: 39.8647918701172, -86.3010330200195

Turn R @ bottom of wooden stairs; head SE. To the W, sailboats glide by marina on glassy water


Location: 39.868579864502, -86.2985076904297

Straight @ 4-way (M10) to continue N through woods. In 450 ft., go L @ T, heading SW


Location: 39.8686294555664, -86.3009414672852

Pass South Overlook (climb stairs of deck for views of vibrant foliage and water), then descend hill. Turn R onto causeway, a dirt corridor across middle of reservoir; kayakers, canoeists paddle by on both sides of trail


Location: 39.8771591186523, -86.2979507446289

Keep straight @ 3-way; side trail leads to nature center


Location: 39.8771781921387, -86.2953567504883

Cross road, then head E @ FT4 on well-marked Volksmarch Trail under golden canopy of elm and ash


Location: 39.8761100769043, -86.2908630371094

L @ 4-way (FT3), heading E


Location: 39.8748588562012, -86.2887115478516

L @ 4-way (FT2)


Location: 39.8685684204102, -86.2953567504883

L @ 3-way (NE3) for brief stretch S


Location: 39.8679389953613, -86.2938766479492

L onto Big Pine Dr. In 800 ft., pick up trail on R side of road


Location: 39.866870880127, -86.2917175292969

L onto 62nd St. for 450 ft., then R onto Reed Rd., heading S


Location: 39.8610610961914, -86.2902221679688

Turn R into woods, following trail W, then S. Stay straight @ SE5 and SE2 during final .5-mi. stretch to trailhead

Views of Eagle Creek Reservoir

Location: 39.873779296875, -86.3061218261719

©Swati Gunale

The Causeway

Location: 39.8726272583008, -86.3061676025391

©Swati Gunale

Marshy Views

Location: 39.8629341125488, -86.3007888793945

©Swati Gunale

Volksmarch Trail

Location: 39.877197265625, -86.298225402832

©Swati Gunale