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Hike: Cucamonga Peak from Icehouse Canyon

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Group: Los Angeles Hiking Group

When: Saturday, August 19, 7:30 am

Where: Icehouse Canyon

Cost: free


Hike Organizer: Paul Kemp

Location: Cucamonga Wlderness, San Bernardino National Forest

Hike Difficulty: Strenuous, 8/10 (not for beginners)

Distance: 12 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 3800 feet

Time: 7-8 hours

Hike Description: The Cucamonga Wilderness is a high subalpine region of 8000-feet peaks and deep canyons; pine-forested, precipitous, and relatively isolated. This superb, nearly pristine high country extends from upper Icehouse Canyon and Thunder Mountain ridge eastwards some 4 miles to Grizzly Ridge, the upper Middle Fork of Lytle Creek, and rugged Cucamonga Peak. It is the only wilderness in Southern California to encompass parts of two national forests - Angeles and San Bernardino.

At 8859 feet, Cucamonga Peak is the eastern citadel of the range, its steep battlements rise abruptly from Cucamonga Saddle on one side and San Sevaine Ridge on the other. From Icehouse Canyon and Saddle the trail contours through open stands of ponderosa pine and white fir around the east slopes of Bighorn Peak and then switchbacks steeply up the north side of Cucamonga Peak. The summit offers a spectacular panoramic view of the valleys below.

This is a strenuous hike NOT for beginners - 12 miles is a long way if you haven't been hiking for a while, or you have only been hiking short distances from your couch to the refrigerator! Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear, bring at least 3 liters of water, copious amounts of sweet snacks to munch along the way, and lunch to eat at the summits.

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