History Lecture: The Lafayette Trail - Backpacker

History Lecture: The Lafayette Trail


Group: New Hampshire Historical Society

When: Saturday, July 15, 2 to 3 pm

Where: New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, NH

Cost: Free for members/$7 non-members

Details: In 1824-25 Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de Lafayette visited the United States in a grand triumphal tour. Lafayette had been invited by President James Monroe, who saw the tour as a way to kick-off revelries for America's upcoming 50th anniversary. Throughout the 24 states Lafayette visited, he was met with huge crowds and celebratory dinners, including his time traveling through New Hampshire. French historian and geographer Julien Icher, who manages the Lafayette Trail Project for the French consulate general in Boston, will speak about his efforts to document Lafayette's travels, focusing specifically on New Hampshire - the major landmarks he visited in the Granite State, the local people he knew from his service during the Revolutionary War, and the various plaques and memorials scattered across New Hampshire to honor his visit. Icher will also demonstrate a geographical web app that has allowed him to map Lafayette's tour. This lecture is included in the price of admission ($7). New Hampshire Historical Society members are admitted for free.