Hike Nevada's Moapa Peak

Scrambling this 6,471-foot mountain is a trip, even mid-winter

One could spend weeks exploring this 163,000 acre chunk of wild country, what the BLM calls ". . . a tortuous collection of rugged limestone peaks, high cliffs, and deep remote canyons . . . On the south knife-like Moapa Peak stabs skyward, a beacon to climbers and scramblers." A scramble to the top of that 6,471 foot peak will give you a tempting peek at the Mormon Mountains proposed wilderness' inner core. High on the airy crest, nerves and route finding skills get a workout and bighorn sheep offer mute commentary. Daylight is dear so make sure you get an early start.

Contact Information

Bureau of Land Management: (775) 289-1800, www.nv.blm.gov/Ely