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Hike & Howl

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Group: Discover Outdoors

When: Saturday, August 5, 9:15 am

Where: Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey

Cost: $95–110


Join us as we leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan for the quiet trails and beautiful tree-filled scenery of the Delaware Water Gap. First, we'll enjoy a hike along the Kittatinny Ridge. We'll start by ascending a climb and earning sweeping views over the Delaware River and surrounding forest. We'll keep our eyes peeled for the many birds of prey that live in the area. After a relaxing lunch, we'll complete our hike with a waterfall visit.

Next, we'll come face to face with one of nature's fiercest and most beautiful creatures. After arriving at the base camp of the wolf preserve, a short drive away, we'll find ourselves on a quiet half-mile path. Emerging into the center of the sanctuary, packs of Timber, Tundra and Arctic wolves surround us. It's as if we've been transported back to a time when wolves patrolled our valleys and mountains. We'll participate in the Wolf Watch, seeing the wolves in natural surroundings and learning their eating patterns and social structures and hearing their howl. We'll also learn about some other wild and fascinating creatures at the preserve - like the Bobcat and Fox.

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