Hike: Highline Trail, Eastern Section - Backpacker

Hike: Highline Trail, Eastern Section

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Group: Backpacking, Canyoneering, & Hiking Club (BCH)

When: Saturday, October 21, 8 am to Sunday, October 22, 4 pm

Where: Meet at Fort McDowell Casino, Scottsdale

Cost: Free


Here's a local and somewhat of a long distance trail that seems worthy of hiking. The Highline trail starts at the 260 TH located just off of AZ 260 east of Payson and ends at the Pine TH located near "That Brewery" which is just off of AZ 87 in Pine. This 50+ mile trail climbs in and out of numerous canyons coming off the Mogollon Rim. I'm planning on doing the entire trail over 3 weekends, think quick weekend getaways. The middle and western segments have water issues so these won't be tackled until next spring.

My plan for this trip is to backpack the 17 mile eastern section from the 260 TH to Tonto Creek which is by the Fish Hatchery. Several fires have impacted the Highline trail over the years but the eastern section has been mostly spared so far. We'll need to set up a car shuttle for this one but the TH's are passenger car friendly. This hike will be between 5000'-6500' but don't let that fool you. There's a bunch of AEG' as we hike down and then up of several canyons. The far eastern 6 miles is supposed to have some fall foliage so hopefully we'll hike through it during its peak.

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