High Points: Gannett Peak, Wyoming

The longest and wildest approach in the bunch

The 20-mile hike to the summit of Gannett Peak is the longest high-point approach and certainly the wildest. You'll ogle the steep granite spires of the Wind River Range as you trek through the area's rugged, remote valleys, which are resplendent with glacial lakes and alpine flowers. It typically takes climbers 2 days just to reach basecamp on emerald-green Upper Titcomb Lake. After huffing up to 13,000-foot Dinwoody Pass in the dark, you'll zigzag the Gooseneck Glacier to the summit ridge. On bluebird days, you'll be rewarded with an unforgettable panorama of granite, ice, snow, sky, and one of the great remaining wildernesses in the Lower 48. On stormy days, you'll be inclined to get the hell outta there as fast as you can.

Elevation: 13,804 feet

Rank: 5

Contact: Pinedale Ranger District, Bridger-Teton National Forest, (307) 367-4326

USGS Topos: Eastern Approach: Torrey Lake; Ink Wells; Fremont Peak North; Gannett Peak. Western Approach: Fremont Lake North; Bridger Lakes; Fayette Lake; Gannett Peak

Eat: Bottoms Up Brewery & Grill, Pinedale, (307) 367-2337

Sleep: Pole Creek Campground, Pinedale Ranger District, (307) 367-4326

Gear: Great Outdoor Shop, Pinedale, (307) 367-2440